Business Tip – Using Twitter For Business

Twitter is a great tool for growing your business. Similar to Facebook, it is all about networking and growing that network.

You are not following someone just to turn around and “pitch” them. You need to network and build a relationship. You may or may not talk about business, and that is ok!

In this quick video tutorial, check out some great ways to connect with people and grow your network.

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Social Media 101

Social Media 101

Social media is a big buzz word in business today but the question is, is it a fad that will disappear like other fads?

The simple answer is NO!

Over the last 6 years, social media is jumping leaps and bounds every day. The business world needs to be prepared and if they haven’t already started adapting, they need to really get moving or they will be left behind. Social media is not going anywhere and is gaining momentum every day.

Let’s take a look at some of the facts – 15 reasons businesses need to get on Social Media:

1. 1 in 9 people on earth (6.94 billion people on earth divided by the 750 million users on Facebook) are on Facebook

2. 2.5 million websites integrate with Facebook

3. 53% of employers research potential candidates on social media sites

4. 76% of businesses use social networking for business objectives

5. Sales in social commerce are expected to reach 30 billion dollars years in 5 years

6. 66% of online adults are connected to 1 or more social platforms

7. 72% of marketers researched said that integrating social media helped in closing business

8. 64% of marketers are integrating social media into their marketing plans

9. 66% say a promotion or brand mention by a blogger influenced a purchase

10. 1 in 4 Americans watch a YouTube video every day

11. 190 million tweets average per day

12. Twitter is adding 500,000 users a day

13. Google + has 25 million users

14. In 16 days, Google+ reached 10 million users (Twitter did it in 780 days and Facebook in 852 days)

15. 52% of consumers say that product videos help make a purchase decision

As you can see, the need to be online is getting stronger each day. If your business is not online or you feel you do not know enough to make your business grow, take a look at this social media course from Jessica Hidgon.

She grew her business from nothing to over 6 figures using Facebook and other social media platforms.

2014 will be an amazing year, let’s do this.

“Helping you stay at home while making a living”

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