Win a Dream Vacation

Win a Dream Vacation

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Disney Resort – Orlando, Florida
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We became a statistic and still had the best family vacation ever!!

We became a statistic and still had the best family vacation ever!!

Ok so where do I start. What a vacation. Making a living……living. Words we live by. We are already planning our next vacation.

We had one of the best family vacations ever and even had some major hiccups that may have ruined many people’s whole trip.

We arrived in Cayo Santa Maria, Cuba at 8:45pm and waited patiently at the luggage line until every piece was claimed and the lights went off. Oh no – where are our bags?!? We have 2 little girls (and 2 adults) very excited to start their vacation. We have done A LOT of travelling in our time and have never once had we lost our luggage so I guess we were lucky. We became that statistic that you always hear about.

After filling out the paperwork and asking the Resort bus to wait until we were sorted, we grabbed 2 beers (well deserved I think) and jumped on the bus with just our carry on. No underwear, no toothbrushes, no swimsuits – nothing. Ben and I are pretty laid back people so we were just rolling with the punches, but my 5 year old, she was devastated!! She had helped pack the luggage and looked at this little hiccup as the “worst vacation ever” We ensured her that we would still have an amazing time and would buy bathing suits first thing in the morning. That made her feel a little better.

And so we went 3 days without anything! It really shows that WHAT you pack has nothing to do with the FUN you can have. We bought 4 bathing suits at the lobby store, 4 toothbrushes and 2 t-shirts so the girls could wear something other then the clothes they wore on the airplane. In the end, we made it into an adventure and not a spoiler. We bought a few new things each day (some underwear, a dress, another pair of shorts for Ben). The major missed item was our camera and our chargers for our phones. We were completely unplugged and nothing we could do about it but enjoy every moment and that is what we did.

We woke up, ate, went to the pool, went to the beach, napped, ate some more, watched the shows and slept. That was our rinse and repeat for the whole vacation. it was pure bliss.

We finally got the good news – our luggage was in the country and headed to the hotel. Exciting stuff and when we return to our room, there it was, everything we had packed. Our camera made up for the lost time lol — We recently bought a GoPro and it takes amazing video, still photos and action shots. It is fully water proof (see the fun picture of my daughter in the pool) and very durable. The girls loved playing with it in the swimming pool.

The rest of the vacation was truly amazing with not a single complaint. The girls LOVED the kids club which gave us adults some time to enjoy some drinks by the pool, walks along the beach and have a simple coffee without running after them. The activities were wonderful with a Princess Tea Party and PJ party one night to give us a dinner date together. Pure bliss.

I was completely disconnected from the online world. As with many far off places, the internet was too slow to do anything so I stayed away. No connection with any of you (and I missed you dearly) but it was refreshing to be without even for a week. I highly recommend it to everyone at least once.

I even managed to get 2 books read while I was away, which I recommend as well (self development is so important)

FOUR Books I highly recommend to change your mindset (I managed to finish 2 of these while away)

1- Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kyosaki

2 – Go Pro by Eric Worre

3 – The 4 Hour Work Week – Timothy Ferriss

4 – The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson

We are committing to continue to vacation as a family as often as possible. The memories we made, the fun we had will last a life time. That is the beauty of having the freedom to go anywhere (of course this was a intenet-free vacation but most of the time as long as I have my laptop, I can work anywhere!!) Also because I work with a travel company, the easiest and best place to find others who love to travel is on VACATION. Networking by the beach, chatting in the pool is the best “office” there is.

Making memories and travelling are the best in the world and I am lucky enough to do it for a living. Priceless!!

Make a Living…..Living.

Next vacation booked to South Carolina over Christmas, Kentucky in January, hot and sandy again in February and we will continue from there……

See you on the beaches of the world!

To Your Success,
“Helping you stay at home while making a living”.

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Leaving on a Jet Plan

Leaving on a Jet Plan

My daughter has been up since 5:15am “ready to go on vacation mommy”! She is only 5 but this is going to be a trip of a life time for her. She told us the other night that next time we go on vacation (which is over Christmas) not to tell her because she is too excited to sleep. Well she really meant it.

She is dreaming about the beaches, the pools and the dancing lol
“I can’t stop thinking about the beach mommy”

I am so excited to take her and my other daughter away for a week of sun, surf, sand and the best kids club around. This means a relaxing vacation for us as well. The girls enjoy the activities and the fun that are planned by the staff and Ben and I get to re-connect with each other.

Work Hard – Travel Harder – this is our family motto. We both work extremely hard, juggling careers, the girls, our own training and life. I am extremely lucky to work from home around the girls schedules but it still gets hectic (any parent knows what I mean). BUT the reward for all the hard work is a family vacation.

The memories we will make this week will last a life time and I cannot wait to share them with my family.

I want you to ask yourself “when was the last time you created memories with your family”? I want you to really look at the answer. Memories with your family are more important then anything else. I know you might be thinking “well a vacation would be nice but I have bills and I don’t have money” It doesn’t have to be an major vacation BUT put the smart phone down, the computer aside, turn the TV off and just hang out with your family. Go for a walk, visit a park. These times will be worth it no matter what you ‘might’ be missing.

I can promise you that when time flies (and it does), you will look back and wish you had made some time for the memories.

I am going to hopefully (finger crossed the internet service is ok) share our experience with you during on vacation, so please like and connect so you don’t miss it.

See you from the beach.

“Helping you stay at home while making a living”.

Lindsay Hack – Text or call me at 416-994-2372
Skype: linz12hack

PS: We Mastermind with people all over the World! Check out my VIP, invite-only Vacation Club!

Make a living – LIVING!! What a concept!

Make a living - LIVING!! What a concept!

I am often asked what is my passion. Aside from my children and my family, it is health and wellness and travel.

I have been working on my “story” for my website and started writing yesterday and came to the conclusion that even though I have been to some amazing places like India, Malaysia, Kaui, Mexico, New Zealand, Australia, across Canada and the United States, I STILL yearn to travel more. I love the adventure, the beautiful sites, the people and the memories.

I often ask people about their family vacations and most people have fond memories and amazing stories.

I was asked today to join an opportunity that combined both travel and dreams. I could not pass it up. What could be better??

Does that sound like something you might be interested in? Click on the photo to watch the video. It really could change your life.

We are having a Google Hangout tomorrow night to learn more, send me a message if you want in.