Business Tip – Take Your Personal Development on the Road

What are you listening to in the car while you drive to work, school or to get groceries?

Use that time to get some personal development done.

Get a great motivational CD or book on CD and play it whenever you are in the car.

Some great ones I recommend (in no particular order):

1. Go Pro – How to become a network marketing Professional – Eric Wore
2. Rich Dad Poor Dad – Robert Kiyosaki
3. The Thank You Economy – Gary Vaynerchuk
4. Think and Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill
5. Straight Talk on Fighting Fear & Procrastination – Ray Higdon
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Comment and share with your team so everyone can utilize the time in the car to grow and learn.
Also, comment below, what book are you reading or listening to? I love suggestions.

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Business Lead Generation Tip: WWYD: What Would You Do?

This is a very simple script you can use on the phone or an email to speak to other professionals you are trying to recruit into your business.

I created this video last year for my team and wanted to share it with you as well. It can work for any business.

“I am currently working with a few Realtors and I am looking for a few more sharp Realtors open to making extra money.
HOW WOULD YOU approach other Realtors?”

You can use this for Personal Trainers, Chiropractors, Massage Therapists, Accountants and many more.

Try it and see what happens. I would love to hear about your successes and failures.

To Your Success,
“Helping you stay at home while making a living”

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Go For No – Two letters to Greatness “N” and “O” with Andrea Waltz and Richard Fenton

“You can have virtually anything you want if you’re willing to hear NO often enough” – Richard Fenton

What does the word NO mean to you? If I am honest with you, I will say the word NO terrifies me to death. I get butterflies in my stomach, my adrenaline pumps through my veins, I sometimes blush with embarrassment and even get angry. Does that sound at all familiar?

I know when I first got involved in Network Marketing the thought of asking all my friends and family about my amazing product made me want to hide (not to mention the business side of it) It is not even because I have never ‘sold’ anything before. As a personal trainer, I ask people every day to invest in themselves, invest in their health and invest money into those things. People said no of course but it never really felt like a NO. It is strange. But in here in this industry, when someone said NO, I took it personally.

My mentor and business partner Ray Higdon tells a story about when he was in personal foreclosure, in a very bad place financially and emotionally, he came across this book “Go for NO” and it literally changed his life. He went for 20 NOs every single day. Check out his story, it is pretty cool to see where he came from;

I have read the book and then was fortunate enough to hangout with the authors on a webinar this past weekend.

They start by asking what the word NO means to you? (I gave you my answer – what is yours?)
Then they ask you to reprogram your brain in the way you think about NO.

Back when we were kids (or if you have kids you know) the word NO really doesn’t phase kids. They either keep asking (over and over again) or do it anyways. It drives me bonkers when my daughters do this, even though I know I was just the same as a kid (Sorry mom).

Unfortunately the negative that goes with NO, comes from being a kid. I have been trying to work this into my parenting as well as my business.

Change the negative to a positive and see how you respond both internally (the bad thoughts, the sweat, the butterflies) and externally (stop calling, stop working or giving up).

The truth is “Yes is the destination but NO is how you get there” – Andrea Waltz

The old model looks like this:

Failure <<<<<<>>>>>>Success
You either had one OR the other.

The new model:


The NOs (or failure) are the stepping stones to success. If you have massive rejection, you will have success!!

Some Core Concepts to really think about. Having YES goals is ok but having NO goals is critical. Set a NO goal (how many times you will get NO in a day/week/month). Work towards that goal every day and you will become successful because the yeses will come without you even realizing it.

“The worst presentation that is delivered is better than a perfect presentation that is never seen” – Go for No

You can constantly be learning or practicing because you are avoiding the “doing” I was like this for a LONG time. I am still guilty of it once in a while. But the reality is, nothing will come out of it if you do not tell the story.

Unseen …. Untold ….. Unsold – Without telling/showing you will not get the option to even get a NO or a YES.

After hanging out with these guys this weekend, I have decided to set my NO goals and work toward success. Do you want to join me? It is always more fun with others.

To Your Success,
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MLM Success Tips – Marketing 101

Marketing 101 Tutorial

Every wonder what the difference between Network Marketing, Affiliate Marketing and Top Tier Marketing is? Well this video is going to explain what all three all, look at the PROs and CONs of each.

I love all three but you need to choose which one is best for you.

2013 has been a great year and my ultimate goal is to help as many people reach their goals; financially, physically and emotionally. Mindset, health and wellness and business are the most important aspects of success.

I would love to help you reach your 2013 goals and start 2014 off with a BANG.

Join My Top Tier Business (MTTB)

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Jessica Higdon’s 10k Social Media Recruiting Formula

Ray Higdon’s New Course: Full Time Networker Combo

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“Helping you stay at home while making a living”.

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What Has Facebook Done For You Lately? Lesson #2

In lesson # 2 – we are going to get a little deeper in to posting etiquette.

If you missed Lesson #1 – Go here:

Posting etiquette on your personal Facebook page and your Facebook Fan page are very similar. Connecting with people and getting engagement on your page is the ultimate goal. Using Facebook for your business is to make more friends, make more connections and turn them from COLD to WARM.

It is not all about pitching your business. I am sure you get “pitched” all the time (I know I do) and it sucks. It is not fun and no one wants to listen to that (SO PLEASE STOP if you are doing it).

Some options on what to be posting:

80 – 90% VALUE
* Inspirational Quotes
* Life Experiences
* Images – Images – Images (lifestyle, quotes, funny pictures)
* Videos – at least two per week
* Blogs (can be 3rd party) – If you blog at least 3-5 per week

10 – 20% Pitch
* local meetings/conference call coming up with a photo
* photos of you with your team – lifestyle
* Raise Curiosity – have fun with your business!
* Webinar links
* Why should they click the link to join? What’s in it for them?

No one wants to see you rolling in money all the time, talking business all the time. They will eventually ban, unfriend you or unlike your page.

Ok so now you have the information on how to set up a strong Facebook personal page (you do not need a Fan Page to start so do not worry) and a little about posting etiquette.

In Lesson # 3 we are going to talk about different ways to connect with people and how you can start talking about your business to your new friends. I have some great scripts from both Jessica and Ray Higdon who are total ROCKSTARS in this business. You won’t want to miss it.

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“Helping you stay at home while making a living”.

Lindsay Hack – Text or call me at 416-994-2372
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MLM Success Tip – It’s that easy!

I was inspired by a video that Ray Higdon
(check out his YouTube channel and blog did yesterday and decided to just go after it. I am on a 90 days blitz with my business and I am going hard. Check out the video to see what happened.

It’s that easy!!
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