Would you join someone’s team so they join your team?

After speaking with some of my networking friends, we were talking about Business Swapping. “I’ll join your business under you, you join my business under me”

Do you see any problems with this? Is it a favour or a good idea?

What is the endgame? Whats the purpose of it?

I do not believe it is the best way to work a business. Supporting other products, tools or courses is a great way to help a person out BUT joining another company just to help someone else, is not a good suggestion.

Watch the video to see why…..

Have you had success or a good experience with this ‘swapping” – I would love to hear about it. Please comment below and let me know.

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MLM Success Tip – Everyone Quits

A little rant this evening about business and Network Marketing. I was speaking to a prospect this evening just before I taught my bootcamp class and am a little fired up.

Have you ever had a New Years Resolution and hit it hard in January but then it died down a little as February hit and then got lost by March. This happens all the time. As a personal trainer who worked in a gym for 5 years, I saw this happen all the time. BUT when it happened no one blames the gym or the personal trainer. It is the person who quit.

It is important that we look at the Network Marketing industry the same way. People get in, do some work and then quit. It happens over and over again. This is why we have a bad reputation for lack of success.

Eric Worre uses the example of a medical drug. If 100 people are giving the drug and 90 people do not take it, does that mean it is a 90% failure rate. NO – it means 90 people didn’t do what was necessary to even try.

If you company does not have a blue print to success, training to plug into, it is no wonder why people quit. They get a few NOs from the people they really thought would join and then with lack of support, they quit.

If you are feeling frustrated with your business, connect with me so we can chat and see what can be done to become successful. My gaol for 2014 is to help as many people as I can to to crush their dreams.

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MLM Success Tip – Stop just dipping your toes in!

I hope you all had a fabulous holiday and got to enjoy time with your loved ones. This “Christmas hangover” run is necessary to get over all the food I ate yesterday.

This video is a little reflection on the way people build their business. I have been in Atlantic Beach, North Carolina for the last week on vacation with my family and have been running every day along the beach. I have been watching these birds and as I run, it is my best thinking time.

These birds will run along the beach BUT never get wet. They follow the wave and eat the bugs in the sand. They are constantly moving but never take the plunge. Many people in the Network Marketing business take this approach to their business. They dip their toes in the water but never jump in.

The problem with this is that their business will never really grow. They are treating the business like a hobby and not a business. Have you had some success with your business but want to grow it in 2014? Connect with me and we can work together on the game plan for success.

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MLM Success Tips – Marketing 101

Marketing 101 Tutorial

Every wonder what the difference between Network Marketing, Affiliate Marketing and Top Tier Marketing is? Well this video is going to explain what all three all, look at the PROs and CONs of each.

I love all three but you need to choose which one is best for you.

2013 has been a great year and my ultimate goal is to help as many people reach their goals; financially, physically and emotionally. Mindset, health and wellness and business are the most important aspects of success.

I would love to help you reach your 2013 goals and start 2014 off with a BANG.

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Meet Lindsay Hack – My Story

Who is Lindsay Hack?

I have been working with my coach and mentor about “my story”. 

Here is my first attempt and would love your feedback.

My name is Lindsay Hack. I am a personal trainer, healthy living coach, network and Internet marketer and a mom and wife.

I grew up in suburb west of Toronto, Canada called Mississauga. My mom had many different careers during my childhood years and went back to University when I was young to get a degree in Physiology. I remember wondering why she would bother; of course I was a child and didn’t understand. My dad and mom got divorced when I was quite young, and other then knowing I never wanted to get married, I didn’t really seemed that bothered.


I was a rebellious teenager who didn’t really try in High School and didn’t really want to go to University but did because it seemed like the “right” thing to do. After a 3-year degree in Drinking (ok it was actually Communication/Theatre but I didn’t do much) I started working with a communication company. It was ok but I got bored pretty quickly and wanted more of a challenge. I move to another communications company and was doing well. But I still knew I was destined to do more.


I decided I wanted to go travelling and hooked up with a friend who was heading to England for work. I flew over with her and then started a 12-month adventure alone through Europe. Little did I know I was going to meet my future husband on this adventure. I got to travel to Paris, Belgium, Ireland and many other beautiful places learning and exploring what the world had to offer.

After 12 months, I was ready to move on and Ben (now husband of 10 years) decided to come with me. We traveled for another 12 months across Canada, India, Malaysia, Australia and New Zealand. It was an incredible journey that not only taught us that we were meant for each other, but also that we loved traveling and the excitement of the journey. 



We settled in Canada after leaving 2 years before and tried to get “REAL” jobs. We waited patiently for Ben to get his working visa so he was able to work legally in Canada.  I started working at a Pharmaceutical company in the IT department and moved up in rank over the next 2 years, but the truth was I hated it. I missed travelling, I missed the freedom of coming and going and I wanted something better. We decided to take a ‘financial pause’ on our future so I could go back to University for a second time and do something I really wanted. I went into Nutritional Sciences and started as a personal trainer. That was 10 years ago and I still love helping people, teaching people and motivating people to reach their goals.



I worked my way through the largest Fitness Club in Canada and soon became the Fitness Manager at one of their leading clubs. I loved to lead people; I loved helping my personal trainers hit their financial goals and their personal fitness goals. I worked long and hard but it was ok because I finally found something I was passionate about.


We moved from Toronto to Calgary, Canada in 2007 and had our first daughter in 2008. What an adventure. I started my own personal training business and was able to stay at home with my daughter, train for my Ironman race and work with clients. It was amazing. Our second daughter was born in 2010 and it was then when both Ben and I started to get restless. We were travellers at heart and we had been in one place for a few years. 




When the opportunity to move the family over to Australia came, we jumped in with 2 feet. Sold all of our belongings and boarded a plane with a 1 and 3 year old to fly across the world. 



When we left Australia the first time, I truly didn’t think we would be back, but here we were +2 in Sydney enjoying the weather, the beaches and the change it had brought us. Our stay in Australia was amazing with many challenges that happen when you are far away from loved ones, with small children and a demanding job. We eventually decided to move back to Canada and try and “settle” again.


The beauty of being a healthy living coach is that you can do it anywhere, online or offline and I was able to continue to grow my business all over the world.


In the summer of 2012 I was introduced to Network Marketing. I was actually looking for a product that would help me with my triathlons and my performance. I did a lot of research and found an great company with great products. I had great results personally right away and started sharing my great business with others. It was easy to share with my personal training background and my business grew quickly. My team grew and I earned my car in 3 months and started making really good money. But then the business fell apart! It crumbled before my eyes and I was devastated. I thought about quitting. 


I did not quit! I worked harder and used those failures into successes. 


With the help of a great mentor, great training and support, I began to truly enjoy building my business again. I love the freedom it offers, the travelling opportunities we continue to have and the ability to help people both financially and physically.



In addition to living my dreams, my passions are my family – my 2 gorgeous daughters and my husband Ben, spending time with friends, triathlons and running and of course traveling!


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Trying to Find a Positive from a Dangerous Situation

Living in a big city like Toronto means dealing with big city issues. This week we were informed by our school that there was a suicidal estranged father threatening the lives of children. It is pretty serious and they have beefed up security, locked down the doors at school, cancelled recess and informed parents.

Last night we found out that this estranged father’s son was actually in my daughters kindergarden class in the afternoon and we decided to keep her home from school today. It was a decision that we didn’t make lightly and it may have been an extreme decision BUT overall I felt safer and happy with the decision.

Watch the video for all the details and how we turned this into a positive.

If you are ready to move to the next level of your business or try something new, connect with me below so we can chat.

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Bad Business Model – A little rant!

MLM Scams – Bad business Model


Its a Scam, it has a bad business model. Have you heard this before?

I have heard this many times when asking about Network Marketing.

A bad business model means there is no way for person to make money with the current MLM Business Model. The reality is that it is not the Business Model that is bad, it is the people who join, get excited, pay the money, try it for a few days and quit. That is the bad business model. MLM is not a scam, the people are.

In this quick video I tell you a few analogies I use to compare to Network Marketing. I think you will enjoy it.

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Have you ever had a hard day?

Business Success Tip – Have You Ever Had a Hard Day?

Happy Friday Friends – I had an extremely hard run today and was reflecting on the whys and hows of challenges.

My run sucked!! It royally sucked. Plan and simple and when you are a seasoned runner, it sucks when that happens. I am appreciative that I was able to wake up this morning and run, that I am healthy enough to do it but sometimes it is HARD. My knee hurt, I was tired and it was very hard!

So I ask you “Have you ever had a hard day, event, week, time?” I think the truth is OF COURSE. We all have! It is how we go about getting through those moments that are the most important. Those are the greatest lessons.

See what I did today to get through it……(watch the video)

Please let me know what you do to get through your own rough times.



No More Fear – Pay it Forward.

No More Fear – Pay It Forward

What fears are holding you back? Write down your names on your Chicken list and lets connect. lindsay.hack@gmail.com

Time to pay it forward…..

Video from my Daughter about who fear can hold you back:


Why are you afraid to call them?

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MLM Success Tip – What it takes to be Successful

MLM Success Tip – What it takes to be Successful

The story goes:
“a guy goes to this guru, and tells him he wants to be as successful as him. so the guru asks him to meet him at the beach at 4a.m. the guy thinks the guru is crazy… and doesn’t understand why he wants him to meet him at the beach at 4a.m.

so then they’re at the beach and the guru asks the guy to get in the water… so he’s in waist deep.. then the guru asks him to go further, and at this point he’s almost at neck line. the guy thinks the guru is crazy making him go swimming… and just when he’s about to get out of the water the guru holds his head under water….then pulls him back up just in time.

then the guru asked the guy the number one thing he wanted to do when he was holding him under water and he said “breath”… the guru then told him “when you want to succeed as bad as you want to breath.. then you’ll succeed”.

the whole point is that… since all of us would do anything to keep breathing to live.. we can make ourselves successful if we have the same motivation and determination as we would if we were under water trying to breath and get some air.”

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