Is Google Really King?

This is a funny video that I show why most people look at Google and never question it. I was one of these people, I hate to admit it. I used to think if I typed something into google “where is the closest park to my house” or “what temperature does a chicken need to cook for in the oven” whatever was first in my search was the most relevant and true information.

I know better now and want to help those who read what Google says and doesn’t think for themselves about the information. I do not want you to think I am being rude however I had to laugh when I spoke to a friend the other day.

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Just Call Them – There are Signs Everywhere

Just Call Them – There are Signs Everywhere

I often get asked “where do you find people to call and what do you say?” Or “I have no one to call” and the reality is if you follow these few basic rules, you will never run out of people to call.

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Posture and Abundance – The Two Strongest Words in our Industry

Posture and Abundance – The Two Strongest Words in our Industry

Now I know that is a pretty strong statement but it is the truth. Very rarely do Network Marketing companies teach about these 2 words and they are so important.

I am not talking about the definition from the dictionary but more how you handle and portray yourself to others. When you have posture, you stay in control. No one can take your power away from you.

For example, a potential prospect says “Is that one of those pyramid things”. Instead of going into defence mode but just say “Ok obviously this isn’t a good fit for you, Have a great day.” This keeps you with the power. There is no pleading or begging.

Abundance is another super powerful word. If you truly believe in abundance, as I do, you will not be addicted to the outcome and every NO is closer to a YES. I truly believe that hundreds of thousands of people will join me on this adventure. So what is one no, nothing in the abundance mentality.

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MLM Success Tip – With or Without You Mindset

A real quick video from this afternoon I wanted to share.

Many of the top leaders in our industry talk about mindset.

This term use to make me feel uncomfortable. To yoga pants and vegan for my liking (not to offend, just being honest)

I have never really put any time or energy into Mindset

UNTIL recently.

Check out my video (I even sing A little – please forgive me lol)

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Yahoo is closing down accounts – What does it mean?

Yahoo is closing down accounts - How will it effect you?

I just found out that Yahoo is going to
be closing dormant accounts…Any account that
have not been used (logged into it) for a year.

Once they close them down, they are releasing the user names for the public to use.
Do you have any yahoo emails on your list? If you do, they may be closed and no longer valid.

Remove any yahoo accounts that have not been active on your list. You need to do this BEFORE July 15th (I know it is not a lot of time)

But this could impact your email marketing . Let’s think about it — First off, if they haven’t opened an email from you in over a year, they probably deserve to be removed anyway.
Remember – we are only looking for people who are looking for us!

BUT more importantly if a NEW person now has that email and they receive a great email from you BUT because they didn’t subscribe, they may report it as spam.

You do not want this. Your email could get black listed and that would hurt a lot!

Even if those email addresses go unclaimed, your emails you send to them will bounce which will affect impacting your deliver-ability.

Clean up your list before July 15th
(Your autoresponder’s customer support should be
able to walk you through the steps to do this.)

Protect your email list NOW since it is so important. Have you heard the saying “The money is in the list and the fortune is in the follow-up”

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MLM Success Tip – Know Your WHY!

MLM Success Tip – Know Your WHY!

Understanding your reason, your why, for doing your business is so important because when the going gets tough (and it will) and you want to quit (and you will) you need to focus on your WHY!

My WHY is my kids and my husband Ben. They are my reason for working hard and pushing forward on the days I really don’t want to.

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Enjoying my vacation with my Family

We left to go on vacation last week and have been having a blast. We flew from Toronto, Ontario, Canada to Calgary, Alberta, Canada to visit with family and enjoy Canada Day with a parade and a BBQ with friends and family. We picked up our trailer and started the journey back home. We left Calgary and drove to into the USA and have been travelling along for the last 3 days. We have been to Montana, Wyoming and South Dakota. We are currently enjoying Mount Rushmore (amazing) before continuing our journey.

I have had limited internet access along the way but have taken some great photos and a few videos. I want to share this adventure with you.

Please comment on places we should try to see or things we should try to do along the way.