MLM Success Training: Online and Offline Lead Generation

In MLM business, leads are the most important tool to grow your business. But where do you find them?

This is a great video from a few months ago that will help you figure out where to find more people to talk to.

In this MLM Success training, I outline 19 different ways to generate leads for your Network Marketing business.

Working with both online and offline lead generation is very important to grow your MLM business.

Just a quick video to show you different ways to connect with others who can become potential prospects.

You will probably not do all 19 different ways, but pick 2 or 3 and start working them and you business will grow.

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MLM Success Tip – Set Realistic Expectations

I want you to look back to when you first started your business……This may be yesterday for some or 5 years ago for others. I want you to remember what it was like. What got you in? What did they say? What expectations did you get?

For many, we didn’t get the truth. We were told we would make millions and it would be easy.
I know I was.

I started in Network Marketing as a newbie. I had never even been to an Arbonne or Avon party. I didn’t understand how it worked, what the compensation plan meant or what warm and cold market meant. Like many, I fell in love with the product. I thought EVERYBODY will love this product. I can “sell” this. You see I have been a personal trainer for 10 years, I understood the value of health and wellness. I got great results and so did many others. So I jumped in. I was told it was easy. Just go talk to your friends and family. They will love it and you will be rich.

Does this sound familiar to anyone? Well I did talk to people and I did sell a lot. I actually did extremely well in the first 4 months. I qualified for my Mercedes, I got recognized by my company and it seemed “easy”. But then it happened – it all crumbled before my eyes. My downline quit, my time got limited, I got distracted many many many times.

Again – can anyone relate to this? When it got really hard, I almost quit. I took some time to really “think” if it was worth it. My husband was questioning the money and time I had invested. My team were questioning my passion and drive. I was sinking and sinking hard.

BUT I managed to get out of the hole and move forward. I joined another great company with amazing leaders and amazing training. I re-evaluated my expectations based on what my leaders were teaching me. Everyday I build and every day I still fight the demons on “should I quit”

Now this video is all about setting expectations. If we set the right expectations from the start, there will be less failure, less people who quit. It does not change that fact that it will be hard and yes you will continue to think about quitting, but at least as a leader you know you have told your team the truth. The best advice Eric Worre gives is to tell your new team mates about those dark times, tell them about your own experience. Be honest with them. Tell them it will happen to them. BUT also ask them what you (as their leader) can do when it happens. Be proactive and you will be able to help many stay on and not quit.

We are looking for leaders who are looking for us. We do not need every single person to join our business. We want the right people!

What do you think? Have you had those moments? What got you through?
Please share with me your thoughts.

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Using Facebook to Generate Leads for your Business For FREE

Using Facebook to Generate Leads for your Business For FREE

Yes that is right — using Facebook to generate business is not only possible but very easy to do.

Many of us spend countless hours on Facebook anyway, why not turn it into business leads.

Why should you use Facebook?
There are over a billion users on Facebook who spend on average 30 minutes a day “playing” on Facebook.
You are probably already wasting time on Facebook – why not turn that time into business and leads.

Jessica Higdon is the master of Facebook Marketing for Free. She build her entire million dollar business on Facebook for free. No paid advertising, no PPC – just connecting with people on Facebook.

Her course is finally here. She has been putting together this amazing course for a many months and I am excited to share it with you.

Click here:

It is designed for networkers who…
** Hate cold calling
** Don’t want to be “pushy” or seen as a salesperson
** Need to prospect fast around a busy schedule
** Are sometimes shy and introverted.
** Don’t have a big warm list
** Don’t have computer skills
** Want to leap from part-time to full-time!

This course is amazing! You already spend time on social media…
So now breathe a huge sigh of relief!

You really are so incredibly close to consistently recruiting new reps into your business.
I know because it happened to me.

From Jessica herself:
“I began my own networking career as a broke 21-year old with a teeny-weeny warm list.
Offline… I kept hitting frustrating dead-ends. But…
Online… I found my groove!
…and a never-ending supply of new prospects.
Twitter alone has over 500 million members… Facebook over a billion!
That can seem like a massive “cold list” of people you don’t know.
But let me explain why it’s actually your “warm list” waiting to happen!
You see… I found a few simple daily actions allowed me to “warm up” and then easily recruit total strangers through Facebook and other social media channels…
…all absolutely for free.
And this is important..
My social media accounts never get shut down… I never receive complaints from strangers — because this proven recruiting formula is based on respect for others and for social media guidelines.”

Social Media gives you the freedom to recruit new reps by being a “problem solver” …not a sales person.

More from Jessica:
“This was a truly life-changing realization for me!
After I cracked the code to social media recruiting… my personal networking income soared to $10K/month and I became my company’s #1 female income earner.
I’m not sharing any of this to brag… just to drive home the profound difference this unique recruiting formula can make to your life.
And there’s absolutely nothing complicated about it.”

Some success stories:
Dave Prosser from Seattle was a self-confessed “terrible” recruiter. He struggled to speak with people and was spamming online groups. But since Jessica’s training he’s gone on to sponsor 24 people in 3 days!

Juli Lofendo—a busy single mom caring for her autistic son—was frustrated with network marketing. She’d almost lost hope entirely. But after following Jessica’s formula she recruited 7 people in one week, made $800 and earned a 7 day cruise for her and her son!

Terry Gremaux lives in a quiet little town in Montana with hardly any warm market. He’d never signed up a single person before. But Jessica’s social media recruiting formula has widened his horizons! He’s signed up 8 people in the last 45 days!

These are real people. I know most of them personally. They have had amazing success just by following these simple tactics.

I am suggesting this to you because I know it works, HOWEVER if you do not implement what you learn it might as well be the treadmill you bought that is now a hanger for winter clothes. You cannot just buy it and expect it to work. You must tie up your running shoes, turn it on and get moving.

If you are ready to really see success, click here:

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Getting Your Facebook Advert Approved

Having Trouble Getting your Ad Approved on Facebook? Here are some Facebook Advertising tips…

This week I have had a hell of a time getting my ads approved through Facebook. It is frustrating and challenging. I was seeing ads that looked exactly like mine already approved and I still was being disapproved.

So I did some research and found some great tips to share with you so you don’t waste anytime getting your ads approved and start making money.

Tip#1 — Actually READ the Facebook’s ad guidelines! I know, crazy right but this will save you a lot of headaches and frustration. You can read over them by clicking on the link below:

Tip#2 — Avoid using words like MLM, Network Marketing, or Facebook in your ads. I know I have seen a ton of ads with these circulating through my news feed, but they seem to be squeaking through and eventually will be taken done. This is the email I kept receiving:

We do not allow ads for “work from home”, MLM, get rich quick and other inaccurate money-making opportunities that offer compensation for little or no investment. This includes pyramid schemes or other money-making business models which do not fully explain any product or opportunity that leads to the claimed income.

Tip #3 — Do not talk in 2nd person. Here is an example of 2nd person below:
“Discover How YOU Can Make $1,000 Per Day Using This Simple Underground Technique…
Ad copy like this would get your ad disapproved. Make sure you stay away from the word ‘YOU’ in your ad copy. You can’t tell someone how they can make X amount of dollars doing X. You can tell them about your experience.
The examples below are OK because your saying how YOU yourself did something or how someone else has achieved something in their business.
“Discover How I Went From Waiting Tables To …… “
“Discover How A Former Broke Guy Went From Making X Amount Of Dollars To ……..”

Tip#4 — If you’re doing a promoted story make sure the image in your ad doesn’t have too much text in it. This is a new rule they created just recently. This includes your cover page on your home page.

Tip#5 — Don’t give UP! I know you keep hearing this but its true. I worked for 2 days straight to get 1 Ad approved and when I finally did after the hundredth time, I now have 3 approved Ad running together and have had over 6000 views, with over 100 clicks. It is WORTH the aggravation.

Well I’m hoping you got something out of this article, before you decide to start running Facebook ads make sure you go through their ad guidelines so you save yourself time and frustration.

Enjoy and please comment, share and like if you got some value from this.

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MLM Success Tip: How do you Portray Yourself?

How you portray yourself in the market place is almost more important then what your product is or what company you represent. Think back to the last time to bought something. Was it a person who “sold” it to you? I am drawn to people with strong personalities who are confident. They portray themselves as strong leaders.

If you imagine what your life would be like in a years time and you have all the money, time freedom and goals you aspired to achieve, how would you act, stand, feel, talk. Would it be different then it is now? What if you took that “vision” and implemented it into your world NOW. Be confident, be proud, be a leader.

This idea of talking in the present, “I AM” “I DO” “I HAVE” may seem a little funny but it really does work. Create your perfect dream and start living it now, in your mind. Your posture will change, your voice, your walk. It will all make a huge difference in how people will view you.

Do you think you will try this? Will it make a difference?

Enjoy and please comment, share and like if you got some value from this.

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Get Back on those Monkey Bars

Another powerful message my 5 year daughter has taught me today. I always say that our children can teach us adults so much about life.

As parents we worry about teaching our kids but in reality they teach us every day. Take the last few “lessons” you have taught your kids and apply it to your life and your business and see what happens.

If you think the title is interesting, check out the rest of the video. I want you to get back up on those monkey bars TODAY.

This message is a powerful one! If you truly want success, you have got to “get back on those monkey bars”

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Have you SOLD your tickets before picking a director?

Have you sold your tickets before picking a director?
Ultimate Branding Blueprint, click here:

It is a hot and humid day here in Toronto, Canada and I am talking about branding and understanding your target market. If you do not fully understand your target market you are basically selling the tickets to a movie that has not been made, the director hasn’t been picked and no actors have been chosen. It seems very silly…no one will buy tickets without knowing something about the movie.

Sadly this is happening all over the internet and offline. I remember back when I worked for a major health club here in Canada and I was in charge of the personal training department. I would meet new, hungry and young personal trainers and I would ask “who is your target market” They either didn’t know (which is not good) or they said everyone (which is too broad). Understanding your target market is the most important factor in ANY business. Without the target market, all the work you do with marketing and advertising is worthless.

The Ultimate Branding Blueprint is a great course that is hands-on, makes you really think about your brand and your target market. You are walked through the step-by-step process using your work book to guide you further.

If this sounds like something you could use, whether you are a seasoned marketer or a newbie, this course will help you start your journey correctly.

Ultimate Branding Blueprint, click here:

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MLM Success Tip – The Happiness Pendulum

MLM Success Tip - The Happiness Pendulum

Do you want your business to explode? Do you want to be a Rock Star in your company? You need to push hard in all levels.

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Posture and Abundance – The Two Strongest Words in our Industry

Posture and Abundance – The Two Strongest Words in our Industry

Now I know that is a pretty strong statement but it is the truth. Very rarely do Network Marketing companies teach about these 2 words and they are so important.

I am not talking about the definition from the dictionary but more how you handle and portray yourself to others. When you have posture, you stay in control. No one can take your power away from you.

For example, a potential prospect says “Is that one of those pyramid things”. Instead of going into defence mode but just say “Ok obviously this isn’t a good fit for you, Have a great day.” This keeps you with the power. There is no pleading or begging.

Abundance is another super powerful word. If you truly believe in abundance, as I do, you will not be addicted to the outcome and every NO is closer to a YES. I truly believe that hundreds of thousands of people will join me on this adventure. So what is one no, nothing in the abundance mentality.

What do you think? Do you agree with my words? Do you have any to share that you think are high on the list?

Comment and share, I would love to hear your feedback.

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Eric Worre – GO Pro – 7 Steps to Becoming a Network Marketing Professional – Book Review

MLM Success Tip – Eric Worre GO PRO Book Review

If you know much about Network Marketing, you know who Eric Worre is. He not only has earned over 15 million dollars in Network Marketing, he has always created the largest Facebook group and training planform out there. Check it out:

His new book, “GO PRO – 7 Steps to Becoming a Network Marketing Professional” is an Amazon top seller and is amazing. I highly recommend picking up a copy. Hell, grab 10 and give 1 to each of your team members. Our industry will thank you for it.

I love this book. It is very easy to read and has such amazing ideas that I use EVERY day in my business.

I decided to do a book review because there is so much to take a way from this book. This video tell you what to except over the next few weeks.

Tell me what you think? Have you read it?
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