MLM Success Tips – Marketing 101

Marketing 101 Tutorial

Every wonder what the difference between Network Marketing, Affiliate Marketing and Top Tier Marketing is? Well this video is going to explain what all three all, look at the PROs and CONs of each.

I love all three but you need to choose which one is best for you.

2013 has been a great year and my ultimate goal is to help as many people reach their goals; financially, physically and emotionally. Mindset, health and wellness and business are the most important aspects of success.

I would love to help you reach your 2013 goals and start 2014 off with a BANG.

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What has Facebook Done For You Lately? Lesson #1


I have been talking a lot about Facebook recently and you may be getting sick of hearing it but it is the ultimate business builder. You do not need a website, a lead capture page, an autoresponder or any other fancy online tool (As you get more experienced I do recommend many of these but for now don’t worry if you do not know what they are).

With your personal profile, you can connect with people all over the world. You can turn 1 billion + people into your warm market. What would that do for your business? With about 30 minutes a day (which is also the average time people spend browsing their status updates) you could be creating relationships and networks.

But Lindsay – how do I start, what do I say, how do I pitch my business? All good questions, but
I want you to step back and look at your personal profile. This is lesson #1.

Many people are making huge mistakes on their profile that are no helping you or your business. I know you may be thinking, but my personal profile is not about my business. It is personal, for my friends and family. I understand that however people are watching you and they will look at your profile and decide right then and there if they would consider working with you, networking with you and becoming your friend.



Ok so a few very important points:

1. A clear picture of who you are (no pictures of kids, dogs or landscape) – you need to be a real person.

2. A banner picture (my husband and I at the beach) that is fun, shows lifestyle and personality

3. In my About Section – for those with a Fan Page “Teaching Success Online with Lindsay Hack” is a quick connection to my Fan Page. 

4. Branding — Only Me! Nothing about my company – create some interest. 

5. Photos – event photos, big leaders, fun events (not drunken half-naked pub night photos)

6. Be Yourself!! Do not pretend – it is exhausting! Be a little edgy, have fun, enjoy but be respectful. I am who am I with you as I am with my best friend. Honest, no BS, straight to the point, a little sarcastic and goofy. That makes more sense then trying to be something you are not. 

Also – make sure you have your contact details in the ABOUT section. You email and phone number. You want to be reached if someone wants to connect with you. 

I will continue with Lesson #2 tomorrow and talk a little about posting etiquette. I will talk about Fan Pages as well but for now we are sticking with your personal page. 

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“Helping you stay at home while making a living”.

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Do you have no one to call?

I have been going through some of my older videos and re-watching and wanted to share some of the best ones with you.

This is a quick video about where you can find unlimited people to call about your business opportunity. There are many examples and some potential scripts to say.

When it comes to building your business you can either do it actively or passively. An example of passive is this blog, the video, posting Facebook updates and sending out mass emails. Passively hoping that someone might see what they like and give you a call. This does work and I do recommend doing this type of marketing as well BUT in order to really grow your business, you need to actively work it as well.

Actively means picking up the phone and calling people. Arggg but Lindsay “I am afraid to pick up the phone! I have cold calling!” The reality is NO ONE LIKES TO DO IT! But those who grow their business do it ANYWAY! The only difference between someone who is successful and someone who is not is the successful person does the stuff they don’t like.

I love this quote:
“Obstacles can’t stop you. Problems can’t stop you. Most of all, other people can’t stop you. Only you can stop you.” – Jeffrey Gitomer

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“Helping you stay at home while making a living”.

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MLM Success Tip – It’s that easy!

I was inspired by a video that Ray Higdon
(check out his YouTube channel and blog did yesterday and decided to just go after it. I am on a 90 days blitz with my business and I am going hard. Check out the video to see what happened.

It’s that easy!!
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Eric Worre – Book Review Chapter 1

This is the first of many chapters for my book review. I love Erric Worre and what he stands for. He asks us to “become a professional”. He believes Network Marketing is not perfect but it is better.

In this chapter I share the different types of “careers” and the Perfect Career list.

Connect with me and let me know if you read the book.

MLM Success Tip – What it takes to be Successful

MLM Success Tip – What it takes to be Successful

The story goes:
“a guy goes to this guru, and tells him he wants to be as successful as him. so the guru asks him to meet him at the beach at 4a.m. the guy thinks the guru is crazy… and doesn’t understand why he wants him to meet him at the beach at 4a.m.

so then they’re at the beach and the guru asks the guy to get in the water… so he’s in waist deep.. then the guru asks him to go further, and at this point he’s almost at neck line. the guy thinks the guru is crazy making him go swimming… and just when he’s about to get out of the water the guru holds his head under water….then pulls him back up just in time.

then the guru asked the guy the number one thing he wanted to do when he was holding him under water and he said “breath”… the guru then told him “when you want to succeed as bad as you want to breath.. then you’ll succeed”.

the whole point is that… since all of us would do anything to keep breathing to live.. we can make ourselves successful if we have the same motivation and determination as we would if we were under water trying to breath and get some air.”

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