MLM Success Tip – Stop just dipping your toes in!

I hope you all had a fabulous holiday and got to enjoy time with your loved ones. This “Christmas hangover” run is necessary to get over all the food I ate yesterday.

This video is a little reflection on the way people build their business. I have been in Atlantic Beach, North Carolina for the last week on vacation with my family and have been running every day along the beach. I have been watching these birds and as I run, it is my best thinking time.

These birds will run along the beach BUT never get wet. They follow the wave and eat the bugs in the sand. They are constantly moving but never take the plunge. Many people in the Network Marketing business take this approach to their business. They dip their toes in the water but never jump in.

The problem with this is that their business will never really grow. They are treating the business like a hobby and not a business. Have you had some success with your business but want to grow it in 2014? Connect with me and we can work together on the game plan for success.

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MLM Success Tip – Eat That Frog

Putting off some of the hardest actions steps is human nature. We write them down but we keep moving them to the bottom of the “to do” list because of fear, pain or work. This video is all about being accountable to yourself, your business and your business partner.

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Eat The Frog:″

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MLM Success Tip – With or Without You Mindset

A real quick video from this afternoon I wanted to share.

Many of the top leaders in our industry talk about mindset.

This term use to make me feel uncomfortable. To yoga pants and vegan for my liking (not to offend, just being honest)

I have never really put any time or energy into Mindset

UNTIL recently.

Check out my video (I even sing A little – please forgive me lol)

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MLM Success Tip: Finding Your Pain
Finding your pain and having a plan is something that everyone has but does not do much about it!!

Are you happy? Do you have pain – Do you spend more time with the pictures of your family then with the actual family.

If you don’t have a plan to get away from the pain, I DO! Come and speak to me:

MLM Success Tip – Know Your WHY!

MLM Success Tip – Know Your WHY!

Understanding your reason, your why, for doing your business is so important because when the going gets tough (and it will) and you want to quit (and you will) you need to focus on your WHY!

My WHY is my kids and my husband Ben. They are my reason for working hard and pushing forward on the days I really don’t want to.

Check out my newest video blog from our trip across the country.

MLM Success Tip – Keeping you Accountable

I am a leader in my Network Marketing company and teach others to be leaders as well. Being accountable is the most important part of a Home Based Business.

You do not have a “boss” or a time clock to chick in with. This means you need to do it yourself BUT that is hard. I know because I am struggling with it myself.

Yes, everyone has these struggles. So what I have decided to do is search for an accountability partner who will kick my butt when I need it, give me feedback and help me take my business to the next level.

Are you that person? You do not need to be in the same company online or offline BUT you need to be determined and hard working. YOU need to want it as much as I do and YOU need to be hard on me when I don’t get stuff done as I will be on you.

What do you think? Are we a good match? No money needed as this is not coaching – just time and dedication.

We will create a plan and execute it. My goals are too big to leave it to chance.

Email me: lindsay.hack@gmail and tell me why you think YOU are a good match.