How to Fire Your Boss in 6 Critical Steps

How to Fire Your Boss in 6 Critical Steps

6 Critical Activities you can do daily to move your Home Business into a Full-Time income and work from home.

If you have gotten into a Network Marketing company part-time as you work your J.O.B and have dreams of one day leaving that job and making enough money, read and put into practice this list of daily activities to FIRE YOUR BOSS.

These need to be done daily to build your business and continue to move it forward. The consistency of these actions will grow your business from a young seed to a blossoming flower.

Of course, this happens over time, similar to a beautiful flower bush. It takes on average about 30 days to see results from a certain strategy so start implementing these activities today and you will see big gains over the next month.

The 6 Critical Activities are:

1. Connect with 3-5 new quality network marketers. Some people have asked me why this is important. If they are quality, they have something of value and you can learn from them. You can connect with them; you can also join their network, which opens your doors to more people.

2. Connect with 3-5 quality people in your existing network. Working on-line and off-line together is so important. We are in a “Networking” company and that means building relationships is still top priority. Follow up with people from your warm market, do some training with your team. Always connecting with your existing network no matter what.

A little trick I like to use that was told to me is the 5-penny rule. Put 5 pennies onto your desk or table, have a separate jar beside them. For every person you connect with, move the penny into the jar. As you see the pennies moving, you will see the results of your efforts.

3. Create and provide value every single day. If you blog, write something. If you are on Facebook or Twitter, give some value to your network. Quotes and fun pictures are great but you need to think, “How will this help my network?” By creating value you will be building a stronger relationship within your network.

4. GET Leads!! This seems like such a simple idea but most people struggle with this the most. By increasing your network, your pipeline for leads also increases.

Most MLM companies teach a lot about concepts (positive mind set, what to say, find your passion) but they do not really teach you the strategies on how to go out and actually get leads.

A great analogy I heard recently was to do with fishing. I DO NOT fish but really understood this concept. Primary companies teach you how to gut, clean and cook your fish but a system teaches you how to catch the fish in the first place. It teaches strategies to get leads. I always found leaving the trainings and wondering, “BUT where do I find these people to talk to”.

5. KEEP Learning. Investing in you is so important. Attend webinars, read bogs, watch YouTube videos. There is lot to learn but if you take some time to learn it, you will be able to grow your business in this industry. If you only have a few hours a day, take 20 minutes to read a blog or watch a video. Stay focused and do not get side tracked. You will become a better business person once you invest in you!

6. Have a Progress Report.

We have recently heard a lot about goals with the New Years just here but if we have no way of measuring our progress, we cannot make changes or improve in any area. Write down each day how many leads you got, how many new likes or followers, how many people you spoke to over email/phone/Face Time. Once you have your report, each week take a look and see where you need to improve and what is working well.

If you commit to doing these 6 simple activities each day (whether you have 2 hours or 8 hours a day to work on your business), you will see the benefits as your business grows. Consistency is the key to firing your boss!!

Good Luck and please let me know how it goes.

To Your Success,
“Helping you stay at home while making a living”

A Review: Eric Worre’s Recruiting 20 people in 30 days Webinar

This weekend I continued my learning while attending an amazing webinar with Eric Worre. I wanted to share my important take aways from the webinar.

Eric Worre showed a plan to recruit 20 people in the next 30 days. As a leader I watched, took notes and are now giving you the goods!

What would recruiting 20 people into your business in the next 30 days do for you and your family?

What would it be really worth? Grab a pen and write this down…..

If you recruited 20 people into your business in the next 30 days, what it is worth:
1. In Upfront Commission — what dollar figure would this be? (you may not know exactly but try to work with real numbers)
2. Other Bonuses – many companies have a fast start bonus or something similar
3. Over the next 12 months – how much money would it bring in?
4. Lifetime – if you were to do a blitz, what would your lifetime money look like?
5. What Rank would you achieve in that 30 days?
6. What example would you show your team?
7. What would your reputation within your company or your community be?

Total up those numbers and see what it looks like. Maybe its a million dollars, maybe it is $10,000 but looking at that number, what would that mean for your family?

Early retirement?

This is WHY doing a 30 day blitz is so critical to success. Let’s break it down and look at the numbers.

If you bring in 20 people, 12 will do something (they will bring in others, make some money) and 8 will do nothing.

Out of those 12:
8 people will look like leaders within 90 days
4 people will be solid builders in 12 months (90% of your income will come from these 4)
2 people will be major leaders in 5 years
1 person will be responsible for half of your entire income

Now that these numbers make sense, lets dive a little deeper. Before you get started you need to decide on two very important factors.

1. What is Your Story? Maybe you are tired of crawling and never really making any money. You are tired of your family and friends shaking their head at you every time you talk about your ‘business’. Maybe you want to help yourself and others become debt free, live their dreams and truly travel the world. Whatever your story is, create it, practice it and use it.

2. Pick a 30 day window. It does not have to be tomorrow. Choose wisely and set it up in your calendar.

Ok so now you have seen why you should do a 30 days blitz and understand the numbers, here is the preparation you need to take to do it.

* Commitment level – If you really want this, go after it. If you are working this business part-time, commit to every hour outside your full-time job.
* Clear Your Calendar – put all other actions on hold in this 30 days.
* Sacrifices – You will have to make some….
* Negotiate with your family – Let them know what to expect, how it works. (If you have an unsupportive spouse, ask them for 30 days to go hard and then you can talk about what happens after that. The only reason your spouse is unsupportive is they do not see the value of the time you spend and the monetary reward. Prove them wrong)
* Eliminate all distractions – put hobbies on hold so you can focus
* Tell your existing team – if you have helped them a lot in the past, tell them for the next 30 days, they need to find their own answers. Let them know you are doing this blitz and you will be back to help them again after it is over
* Make a fresh list – this is a new time and you want to be adding new names to a new list.
* Sharpen your skills – you are going to be making lots of calls and connections so you want to be ready. Invest in a new course or re-visit an old course. Get yourself ready to go.

Ok now lets look at the math. I like to see it broken down to really understand it.

How many people join per presentation given?
10 presentations/ 2 join

How many presentations do you do for 20 people?
100 presentations/20 join

How many appointments do you make to do 100 presentations?
125 (25 do not show)

How many calls do you need to make to book 125 appointments?

What does your list of names look like to get 300 calls?

These numbers may scare you but they are from ongoing research over a 12 month period. BUT the good news is, if you do a 30 day blitz, these numbers get better.

For every 10 presentations – 3-4 people will join, meaning only 60-70 presentations needed, 90 appointments made, 150 calls and 300+ on your list. You are doing less and getting better results. It makes perfect sense to me.

So maybe you got through this whole review and are asking why would I follow this?

Eric Worre has interviewed countless 6 and 7 figure income earners in our profession. And he found a pattern. Every single top earner started with a blitz that included recruiting 20 people.

EVERY SINGLE ONE. Those are pretty good odds.

Eric Worre says if you want to be a 6 figure earner… just go recruit 20 people in 30 days… and then be consistent there after. If you want to be a 7 figure earner Eric Worre says do it 3 or 4 times throughout the course of your career.

I have seen Eric on stage, I have spoken to him off stage, I watch his videos and believe he is an expert. Are you willing to sacrifice 30 days to work as hard as you have ever worked in order to become a 6 figure earner, quit your job, fire your boss?

The choice is yours, but I highly recommend you do.

To your success,
“Helping you stay at home while making a living”

Business Tip # 8 – Branding Yourself

Continuing on the business tips for 2014 being the best year ever……


After my video on finding your ideal customer (see here:,
I got a lot of questions about “branding yourself” I am a real belier in branding yourself (You.INC) and not your company.

The main reason for this is because companies change, products change, BUT you do not change! So if you brand yourself, you can add or take away anything under your brand.

Brand yourself to be the expert. People buy from people, not companies.

Look for my next video series on Branding coming soon. Don’t miss out, find me on and and follow me here.

To Your Success,
“Helping you stay at home while making a living”

Business Tip # 4 – What is your Product?

Yesterday I spent over an hour with the great Lisa Grossmann and we did some amazing training that I wanted to share with you.

Lisa Grossmann is a multi-million dollar earner and sought-after consultant, trainer and speaker within the Network Marketing profession. I got to see her live at the No Excess Summit in Las Vegas last May and have connected with her since. I did a post conference interview with her and our friendship has continued to grow.

Click here to watch the interview:

She has so much value to offer and one of the biggest hearts I know. Make sure you connect with her on Facebook.

Go over and like her business page:

When it comes to Network Marketing, loving your product is so important. Loving it so much that you would continue to use it whether you were in the business or not. Loving it so much that you would continue to recommend it whether you were in the business or not. This comes from the passion of product.

Let’s take a step back and talk about markets.

HOT Market
WARM Market
COLD Market – I will be doing more training on this in the up coming weeks.

HOT Market – these are the family members or friends like family who use to buy Girl Guide cookies from you as a kid. They love and support you no matter what. They now buy your products from you because they love and support you. They do not see you as a business person. They have seen your goof ups, your mistakes and probably do not take you seriously as a business person, BUT they buy some product. You do not talk to them about the business.

WARM Market – friends, family, co-workers, running buddy – people who you would recommend a good movie too, a nice restaurant or great customer service. Again, talk to them about the product. NOT the business.

Bringing it back to the product is how to really grow your business. 95% of the people I have asked how they got into Network Marketing said it was because they LOVED their product. Get others to love your product and your business will grow.

I took pages of notes with my one-on-one training with Lisa and cannot wait to share more with you. I love personal development because no matter how much you know, there is still so much more to go.

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Have a fantastic Monday, stay safe and warm and remember to never give up!!

To Your Success,
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Business Planning Like Ironman Training

What is an Ironman?
Swim 2.4 miles!
Bike 112 miles!
Run 26.2 miles!
Brag for the rest of your life!

I love triathlon and I love Ironman BUT it takes a lot of work, a lot of planning, a lot of pain, many obstacles just to get to the starting line. And that doesn’t include the strategic nutrition planning, placement and executing the perfect race.

I didn’t just start racing Ironmans. I did some research, I read a lot of books, talked to a lot of people, pick the right race, got a great coach, followed the plan each day/week/month and dealt with everything in-between. Was it easy — hell no! Was it worth it – Ah YA!!

Can you see the similarities of training for an Ironman and building your business…..

Do the Research (check) – Before starting in any Network Marketing or Internet Marketing company you probably did your research. Checked out some stats, looked at some reviews and tried some product (if applicable).

Talk to people (check) – It may have been at a home party, a 3 way call or an online chat but you asked questions and got some answers.

Pick the right race (check) – Choose the company that is a best fit for YOU!

Get a great coach (check) – Find a great mentor and coach, buy some products that will help you be successful. Invest in yourself.

Follow the plan (check) – Following a successful blueprint using your Daily Method of Operation (DOM) will help keep you focused and on track with your money making activities. Having a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly plan will help the success of your business.

And deal with everything in between (check) – Similar to training and racing, you can expect the unexpected. I have been injured, gotten sick, had to fly to a funeral on a major training weekend. Things happen, that you cannot control. What you can control is how you handle those things. Business is no different. There will be hard times, there will be obstacles. If you keep you eye on the goal, you move with each obstacle but get back on track as soon as you can.

Is it easy (hell no check check)
Is it worth it (oh ya check check)

When you love something, it doesn’t seem like work anymore and when you are successful it is even better.

Did I have people tell me I was crazy (on a daily basis). Did people tell me to quit (all the time). Did I try and convince myself to quit a few times, yep BUT I never did and I now have the bragging rights for life. Business is the same. When you are successful you can show all those negative nellies it was soooo worth it.

A step-by-step blueprint, a great company, amazing team training, awesome events and the belief that it can (and will) be done = PRICELESS!

If you are ready for this, connect with me and we can get started on that (TRAINING) plan right away.

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What Has Facebook Done For You Lately? Lesson #2

In lesson # 2 – we are going to get a little deeper in to posting etiquette.

If you missed Lesson #1 – Go here:

Posting etiquette on your personal Facebook page and your Facebook Fan page are very similar. Connecting with people and getting engagement on your page is the ultimate goal. Using Facebook for your business is to make more friends, make more connections and turn them from COLD to WARM.

It is not all about pitching your business. I am sure you get “pitched” all the time (I know I do) and it sucks. It is not fun and no one wants to listen to that (SO PLEASE STOP if you are doing it).

Some options on what to be posting:

80 – 90% VALUE
* Inspirational Quotes
* Life Experiences
* Images – Images – Images (lifestyle, quotes, funny pictures)
* Videos – at least two per week
* Blogs (can be 3rd party) – If you blog at least 3-5 per week

10 – 20% Pitch
* local meetings/conference call coming up with a photo
* photos of you with your team – lifestyle
* Raise Curiosity – have fun with your business!
* Webinar links
* Why should they click the link to join? What’s in it for them?

No one wants to see you rolling in money all the time, talking business all the time. They will eventually ban, unfriend you or unlike your page.

Ok so now you have the information on how to set up a strong Facebook personal page (you do not need a Fan Page to start so do not worry) and a little about posting etiquette.

In Lesson # 3 we are going to talk about different ways to connect with people and how you can start talking about your business to your new friends. I have some great scripts from both Jessica and Ray Higdon who are total ROCKSTARS in this business. You won’t want to miss it.

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“Helping you stay at home while making a living”.

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What has Facebook Done For You Lately? Lesson #1


I have been talking a lot about Facebook recently and you may be getting sick of hearing it but it is the ultimate business builder. You do not need a website, a lead capture page, an autoresponder or any other fancy online tool (As you get more experienced I do recommend many of these but for now don’t worry if you do not know what they are).

With your personal profile, you can connect with people all over the world. You can turn 1 billion + people into your warm market. What would that do for your business? With about 30 minutes a day (which is also the average time people spend browsing their status updates) you could be creating relationships and networks.

But Lindsay – how do I start, what do I say, how do I pitch my business? All good questions, but
I want you to step back and look at your personal profile. This is lesson #1.

Many people are making huge mistakes on their profile that are no helping you or your business. I know you may be thinking, but my personal profile is not about my business. It is personal, for my friends and family. I understand that however people are watching you and they will look at your profile and decide right then and there if they would consider working with you, networking with you and becoming your friend.



Ok so a few very important points:

1. A clear picture of who you are (no pictures of kids, dogs or landscape) – you need to be a real person.

2. A banner picture (my husband and I at the beach) that is fun, shows lifestyle and personality

3. In my About Section – for those with a Fan Page “Teaching Success Online with Lindsay Hack” is a quick connection to my Fan Page. 

4. Branding — Only Me! Nothing about my company – create some interest. 

5. Photos – event photos, big leaders, fun events (not drunken half-naked pub night photos)

6. Be Yourself!! Do not pretend – it is exhausting! Be a little edgy, have fun, enjoy but be respectful. I am who am I with you as I am with my best friend. Honest, no BS, straight to the point, a little sarcastic and goofy. That makes more sense then trying to be something you are not. 

Also – make sure you have your contact details in the ABOUT section. You email and phone number. You want to be reached if someone wants to connect with you. 

I will continue with Lesson #2 tomorrow and talk a little about posting etiquette. I will talk about Fan Pages as well but for now we are sticking with your personal page. 

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