Business Tip #3 – The Flinch

“It’s all about decisions and how to know when you’re making the right ones. It’s about you: the current, present you; the potential, future you; and the one, single difference between them” The Flinch by Julien Smith

This book is amazing so far and I highly recommended it to anyone looking to overcome fear.

“The flinch is the moment when every doubt you’ve every had comes back and hits you, hard. It’s when your whole body feels tense. It’s an instinct that tells you to run. It’s a moment of tension that append in the body and the brain, and it stops everything cold.”

I downloaded this book for FREE from Kindle. It is an easy read and highly recommend it.

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What is your Biggest Fear?

If you watched even a small portion of that video you would see one of my biggest fears. I hate the ocean and am so afraid of waves. I had an “incident” in California when I was 14 years old that almost ended it all. I got smashed by a wave while boggy boarding and could not get back up to the surface. I remember thinking that I was too young to die. It was pretty scary.

I managed to get up finally but only for a quick breathe before the next wave came crashing down. I have a hard time not seeing and feeling that every time I step into the ocean.

We have a 3 and 5 year old girls who LOVE the ocean and I am trying not to pass the fear onto them but it is hard. When we moved to Australia in 2011 I almost had a heart attack each time we were at the beach. In early 2012 I decided I needed to go after my fear. Without thinking about it (I would have chickened out) I registered for a surf course on the Gold Coast. I figured if I understood the currents and how the water moved, I might not be as scared.

That day was filled with fear, unknown, happiness and pride. I had not only went after my fear head on (and I mean literally, we had to paddle out OVER the waves I feared so much) but even stood on the surf board and turned a few times. It was exhilarating.

I will not lie – there are still days when I find that fear creep back into my mind. When we were in Cuba the last day the wind had picked up and the white caps on the waves made my tummy do flip flops but every time I go back to the moment of facing that fear and smile knowing I did it. And had fun too!

This story can help you with whatever you might fear. It is important to address it first. Then figure out “why” you have the fear and then hit the fear head on. MOST of the time the fear of that fear is WAY worse then you thought. I know it was for me.

So whether it is fear with your business (fear of failure, fear of what people may think, fear of rejection) or fear in your personal life (fear of regret, fear of loss, fear of loneliness), attack it head on and see what happens. I am sure it won’t be a bad as you made it out to be.

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“Do something every day that scares you”

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No More Fear – Pay it Forward.

No More Fear – Pay It Forward

What fears are holding you back? Write down your names on your Chicken list and lets connect.

Time to pay it forward…..

Video from my Daughter about who fear can hold you back:

Why are you afraid to call them?

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Is Fear holding you back?

Are certain fears holding you captive? Do you not do certain things because of your fear?

We are currently up in cottage country enjoying some R&R and my youngest daughter Jemma (3 years old) was a little nervous about going in the paddle boat. She was afraid it would tip over.

We talked a little about her fears and decided she wanted to try it one more time. I encouraged her to make the choice herself and she wanted to try again.

We ended up spending almost an hour out on the water and every time we tried to go back to the dock, she wanted to keep going.

We need to take lessons from our children at certain times. As adults we ask them to “try again” and “put their fears aside” yet as adults we very rarely do this.

In business, in pleasure, in health and wellness, certain fears hold us back. It may be the fear of the unknown, or the fear of change or the fear of going against the norm and the fear of “what they will think”. These fears can make us miss opportunities, regret decisions and ultimately live the mundane life instead of going after our dreams.

I challenge you, like I did with my 3 year old daughter, GO after your fear and prove it wrong. Not only MAY it be amazing but it could change your world.

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