What really counts as SPAM?

Someone asked this question and thought I would share my opinion on this.

The world of social media has opened a whole new world for businesses and marketing. It has been a huge benefit for business owners and marketers but we have seen an increase of SPAM. We used to get tons of SPAM emails and then our JUNK folders came along and filtered out the good, the bad and the ugly. Now with Facebook, Twitter and other great social media sites, we are dealing with SPAM.

BUT what is SPAM? What do you think it is?

I believe SPAM is anything that is unsolicited that is sent to you, posted on your wall or in a post. Always ask yourself “would I want to receive this, read this or see this?” If the answer is no, don’t send it.

Also, stop posting and posting your business, comp plan and everything on your personal page. I know you are excited!! I am glad you are excited!! But not everyone wants to see it and you could get blocked. My opinion is 1/8 ratio; post personal, motivational, questions and every 8th post, say something about your business.

Watch this video and let me know what you think? Do you agree? Did I miss any?

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Facebook Tip – You Cannot Be at 18 Parties at Once

I know you are probably wondering what does that title really mean. Of course you can’t be at 18 parities at once.

One of the most common questions I get from people is “how do I utilize Facebook Groups to grow my business. If you missed my last post about what to say in different groups, check it out here: http://lindsayhack.com/2014/03/04/success-tip-using-facebook-groups-to-grow-your-business/

But this video is how to really understand how many groups you should be in and how NOT to use certain groups.

Watch the video and let me know if you agree or disagree with what I am saying.

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Business Tip – Using Twitter For Business

Twitter is a great tool for growing your business. Similar to Facebook, it is all about networking and growing that network.

You are not following someone just to turn around and “pitch” them. You need to network and build a relationship. You may or may not talk about business, and that is ok!

In this quick video tutorial, check out some great ways to connect with people and grow your network.

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Facebook Tip #1 – Grow Your Network

Facebook Tip #1 - Grow Your Network

I have done a lot of training on Facebook and growing your business. Let’s start with the basics:

Growing your network!

The main reason all companies ask you to work with your warm market is because they already know, trust and like you. When you get online and in particular Facebook, you want to grow your network, moving people from cold to warm. As they start to trust, like and know you, your business will grow.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to grow your network on Facebook.

Step#1: Get on your Primary companies Fan Page. If you don’t know where it is, ask your sponsor or someone in your up-line. Make sure you find the MAIN group as there are many secondary groups.

Step#2: Interact often in those groups (like, comment, post). Get your name (and photo) out in the group. You will be able to find who the big players are in the company and you will start to get noticed by some of the bigger names in your business. It is common to see people in these groups add you as a friend. Accept them as friends. These are great people for future ventures.

Step#3: SHOW support to everyone in the group, comment and like. This is great attraction marketing technique to get everyone to like and respect you. This will build a great foundation and as you start commenting and sharing, they will return the favour and like and comment on your posts as well. Any promotion or success from you or downline, show it publicly on your Facebook wall – get excited for everyone.

Step #4: Big leaders usually have a lot of friends in their network from all kinds of businesses, from network marketing, internet marketing and direct sales. Comment on their stuff often and soon you will get “friend requests” from people outside your primary company. This is how you will tap into a new circle of friends that are not in the same business as you.

Step #5: Now you are slowly building your network of friends outside your company, repeat Step #3 – but with people who are not in the same business as you. Comment on their stuff, like their posts. Tell them to keep up the great work! This will attract people in that specific circle of friends to add you as a friend too. This will start to increase your friends from companies that you are not involved with.

Step #6: If a new business opportunity comes along that makes sense you, promote it on your wall. Once you get a signup, welcome this person to the team publicly on your wall. This is great attraction marketing technique. This will peak interest from others and have more people interested in joining you. Continue to do this over and over and over again.

Step#7: As you move through this process you will find some amazing friends, partners and people you will respect. Message them, call them, Skype with them. These are soon some of your best friends and greatest business partners. They may not join your business now or ever but they without hesitation recommend others to you.

This may not be the “fast track” to success but the process works and you will meet some amazing people along the way. It is a slower process but you are “getting to know” people. Best friends are not built in a day. Once you get a hang of the process, you will not want to go a day without doing it. You will miss it and value all the great new people you have in your network.

I hope this has helped you see how to grow your network online. For more articles, videos and information on building your business both online and offline, visit my website: http://www.WorkWithLindsay.com

Success Tip – Using Facebook Groups to Grow Your Business

Success Tip – Using Facebook Groups to Grow Your Business


Have you been using Facebook Groups to try and grow your business? I know a lot of people who puke their opportunity all over these groups. I have asked many people in my research if this type of marketing really works. I have had very few respond with a positive.

The main reason people do not get success is that there are so many posts that it is lost in the noise.

So how can we stop the noise and actually use Facebook Groups to your advantage in business. Check out the video to find out the best way to grow your business with Facebook Groups.

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MLM Success Tip – Facebook Fan Page Mistakes

If you have a business, you should be using Facebook. If you are not, check out my blog on WHY you should – check out my older blog post here: http://evolve4u.blogspot.ca/2013/01/facebook.html

If you have already gotten on Facebook and have a Fan Page, are you making some mistakes?

Stop doing these 4 things and build your business.

1. Using cheap and unprofessional pictures on your cover page. They look terrible and they do not show your brand to those visiting.

2. Keep the “LIKE” box up. There is no need to have this up and showing. Put an application box up that gives value or collects information.

3. Having applications with no value. Having 30 apps that clutter and confuse your fans does not help build your brand or add value.

4. Having long status updates. 50% of users are looking at Facebook on a smart phone. If they have to click the ‘see more’ feature, they usually don’t. They do not want to spend that much time reading.

Take a look at your Fan Page and see if you are making any of these errors, it could be costing you business.

To Your Success,
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Social Media 101

Social Media 101

Social media is a big buzz word in business today but the question is, is it a fad that will disappear like other fads?

The simple answer is NO!

Over the last 6 years, social media is jumping leaps and bounds every day. The business world needs to be prepared and if they haven’t already started adapting, they need to really get moving or they will be left behind. Social media is not going anywhere and is gaining momentum every day.

Let’s take a look at some of the facts – 15 reasons businesses need to get on Social Media:

1. 1 in 9 people on earth (6.94 billion people on earth divided by the 750 million users on Facebook) are on Facebook

2. 2.5 million websites integrate with Facebook

3. 53% of employers research potential candidates on social media sites

4. 76% of businesses use social networking for business objectives

5. Sales in social commerce are expected to reach 30 billion dollars years in 5 years

6. 66% of online adults are connected to 1 or more social platforms

7. 72% of marketers researched said that integrating social media helped in closing business

8. 64% of marketers are integrating social media into their marketing plans

9. 66% say a promotion or brand mention by a blogger influenced a purchase

10. 1 in 4 Americans watch a YouTube video every day

11. 190 million tweets average per day

12. Twitter is adding 500,000 users a day

13. Google + has 25 million users

14. In 16 days, Google+ reached 10 million users (Twitter did it in 780 days and Facebook in 852 days)

15. 52% of consumers say that product videos help make a purchase decision

As you can see, the need to be online is getting stronger each day. If your business is not online or you feel you do not know enough to make your business grow, take a look at this social media course from Jessica Hidgon.


She grew her business from nothing to over 6 figures using Facebook and other social media platforms.

2014 will be an amazing year, let’s do this.

“Helping you stay at home while making a living”

To your success

Facebook PPC Lesson #2 – Creating an Advert with an External Website Advert

This is Lesson #2 of my Facebook Paid Advertising series.

If you missed lesson #1, Facebook PPC – Creating a Page Post Engagement, check it out here:


I am also doing a Facebook FREE marketing series, don’t miss it here:


In this video you will see how to create an advert to an external website. In Facebook, this shows people your advert and when they click on the link it takes you out of Facebook and to your website, landing page or whatever page you have set up.

The guidelines on external websites are a little more strict and highly recommend you read them otherwise you ad may not be approved. Click here for Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ad_guidelines.php

Good luck with your advert and let me know if you have any questions.

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Facebook PPC Lesson #1 – Creating a Page Post Engagement

I have been using Facebook for my business for almost a year. It has made such a huge difference. I still cannot believe there are people and businesses out there who do not want to use Facebook.

One of the best forms of PAID marketing is Facebook Pay Per Click (PPC). You can set a budget, create an advert and direct people to your Facebook Fan Page, an external website link or get more likes.

This video is a live tutorial on creating page post engagement adverts in Facebook. I will walk you through how to place an ad, what audience to choose and a budget to work with. This is for a beginner who has not used Facebook PPC to get Page Post Engagement before.

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What has Facebook Done For You Lately? Lesson #1


I have been talking a lot about Facebook recently and you may be getting sick of hearing it but it is the ultimate business builder. You do not need a website, a lead capture page, an autoresponder or any other fancy online tool (As you get more experienced I do recommend many of these but for now don’t worry if you do not know what they are).

With your personal profile, you can connect with people all over the world. You can turn 1 billion + people into your warm market. What would that do for your business? With about 30 minutes a day (which is also the average time people spend browsing their status updates) you could be creating relationships and networks.

But Lindsay – how do I start, what do I say, how do I pitch my business? All good questions, but
I want you to step back and look at your personal profile. This is lesson #1.

Many people are making huge mistakes on their profile that are no helping you or your business. I know you may be thinking, but my personal profile is not about my business. It is personal, for my friends and family. I understand that however people are watching you and they will look at your profile and decide right then and there if they would consider working with you, networking with you and becoming your friend.



Ok so a few very important points:

1. A clear picture of who you are (no pictures of kids, dogs or landscape) – you need to be a real person.

2. A banner picture (my husband and I at the beach) that is fun, shows lifestyle and personality

3. In my About Section – for those with a Fan Page “Teaching Success Online with Lindsay Hack” is a quick connection to my Fan Page. 

4. Branding — Only Me! Nothing about my company – create some interest. 

5. Photos – event photos, big leaders, fun events (not drunken half-naked pub night photos)

6. Be Yourself!! Do not pretend – it is exhausting! Be a little edgy, have fun, enjoy but be respectful. I am who am I with you as I am with my best friend. Honest, no BS, straight to the point, a little sarcastic and goofy. That makes more sense then trying to be something you are not. 

Also – make sure you have your contact details in the ABOUT section. You email and phone number. You want to be reached if someone wants to connect with you. 

I will continue with Lesson #2 tomorrow and talk a little about posting etiquette. I will talk about Fan Pages as well but for now we are sticking with your personal page. 

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