Turning Negatives into Positives – A Challenge

Happy Monday!!

It is the first day of school for many of us in Canada and many have already had the first day around the world.

My oldest daughter is starting Senior Kindergarden and doesn’t have her friends who moved to Grade 1 with her this year. I wanted to try and avoid the sadness and nervousness this may cause so we talked about it.

She told me that she would miss her friends but she was excited to make NEW friends. This is a lesson to us adults.

How can you turn a potential negative situation into a positive one?

Take the challenge from this video — less then 1% actually will, but do it!! You will notice a big difference with your outlook.

Darren Hardy gave the example of a husband who always complained about his wife. He would say she always nagged him about everything. Darren told his friend to take a notebook and every day for 28 days, write down 1-2 things down that he was grateful about. The way she made dinner, the way she looked after the kids, the way her hair blew in the wind….etc. BUT he had to do it every single day.

By the 3rd week his friend was so excited to tell him that his wife had changed!! That she was so loving and happy all the time…

What really happened? He changed the way he looked at her. Every time he wrote something good down, he focused on the good and not the bad. THIS is the key.

Take my challenge and see what happens…You will be surprised to see how great it is.

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Success Tip – Darren Hardy says you must fail to become successful

“The key to success is massive failure”

Darren Hardy talks a lot about failure. Considering he costs about $25,000 for a 2 hour seminar, it seems crazy that he talks about failure.

He believes that our Life sits on the pendulum and if you can create pain, rejection, sadness and failure, you will have great joy, love, happiness and success.

Pain/Rejection/Sadness/Failure = Joy/Love/Happiness/Success

His first job was a real estate agent, I tell his story in my video.

“They can’t beat you if they can’t out fail you”

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Darren Hardy – 21st Century Leadership

In the 21st Century many things have changed in our world.

Graduates are coming out of school without a job. 17,000,000 jobs in the work place don’t even require a college degree. And the worst part is that these Jobs aren’t coming back – Companies have found out how to do more with less (over seas or contract workers)
The industrial age has died. An economic shift in human history – redistribution is happening.

Millionaires world wide have changed.
In 1900 there were 5,000 millionaires
In 2000 there were 7,000,000 millionaires
In 2010 there were 10,000,000 millionaires.

Are you going to a part of this number for 2013/14?

The key skills to capitalize are needed and LEADERSHIP is the KEY.

The speed of change is accelerating – technology, knowledge, globalization, demographics (millennial generation 1980s – 1990s – 5 generations in the work place, more women working). Once we truly understand these stats and these changes, our leadership needs to accommodate these changes.

Key Traits of 21st Century Leadership are:
** Character
** Skills
** Vision

Lets break these down:

1. Character
“Not your daddy’s leadership” – We did not witness what our parents did. The Military model is dead.
Oraganizations have changed from economic entity to Emotional Intelligence (relate and connect). It used to be financial capital – it is now human capital. Use to be control not its collaborations.

Lead by example – most basic principle yet most violated.

“I no longer listen to what people say, I just watch what they do” – Winston Churchill

The speed of the leader is the speed of the pack – Leaders set the pace!!

Darren Hardy says “People do not go as fast as they can – they go as fast as the leader”

Leaders helps people see themselves better then they are.

“Leadership is the ability to get extraordinary achievement from ordinary people” Brian Tracey

How to get the people you want to do what you want!
• 2 questions you need to ask
1. What attributes do you want? – For example: coachable, passionate, ethical, self confident, integrity
TOP 12 most important attributes to YOU
2. Do YOU have and demonstrate those attributes? You have to posses it to yourself first
Rate yourself on a scale of 1 – 10 on the top 12 attributes – you will discover where you need to go to work on YOU.

KEY Question – If you could quit and sign up with anyone – how would it be?

Would you want to be sponsored by you? What would it take for the everyone to choose you? How can you develop into that person?

2. Skills
Recruiting – everybody recruits
“Great people are not trained, they are found”

What people are looking for?
1. People – great people are there attract other great people
2. Challenge new, different, exciting, unique
3. Opportunity
4. Personal Growth
5. Money

Best recruiter in the world…..You Follow me
“Who you are speaks so loud I can’t hear a word you are saying”

Be the message you bring – You don’t attract what you want, you attract only who you are. We communicate with feelings not words.

Turn SELL into HELP (Hit List vs Help List)
Turn GET to GIVE Strength, courage, confidence, love, belief, hope
Turn COMMUNICATION into CONNECT – Face to face, heart to heart

You can only care about those that care!! Working with the unwilling – cost of working with the wrong person = 10-15x/hour

Why do I want to work with you? Free country – you can build this business.
Here is what it takes to work with me….10 core commitments. If you are good with those 10, I will support you all the way. If one is not followed – see ya.
Talk to a new person each day, go to meetings, convention
Work with fewer people – DEEPER!!

Fewer statement and ask more questions – find out what their hopes, their dreams, their desires – align meaning and purpose then help them achieve them
Recognize and reward

Measure yourself, not by your rank advancement
The people who you are going help – help them accomplish their dreams/goals

21st Century Leadership
Responsibility – Opportunity — Soul Fulfillment


ASK yourself these questions:
WHY? —-

Darren Hardy was amazing and I cannot wait to share more from what I learned from him.

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Its all about Hard Freakin Work

Why are you not as successful as you want to be right now?

STOP looing for the quick fit for success, happiness and wealth!

Success is earned one day at a time, one step at a time, one decision at a time, one phone call at a time, one meeting at a time.

You cannot own success! Once you make it to this stage of success – you can only rent success and rent is due every day!!

Darren Hardy says we face 4 Traps every single day.
They are:
— Results are invisible. Choices you make in the moment
— Subtle – keep getting back on track
— Immediate gradification
— What’s easy to do is also easy NOT to do

I have so much more to share AND we get to spend more time with him tonight! So excited.

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