Business Tip – Share in Others Success

I love being on Facebook and seeing all my networking friends having great success. I comment and say congrats to their team and their business. I am not negative or make excuses on why they did something well and I did not.

I was speaking with a networking friend of mine and we were talking about her success and the success of some of the people in her business. It was great to see other companies in our industry of Direct Sales/Networking Marketing doing so well. We need to celebrate with others on their success.

Watch the video to hear my views on why this is important.

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Business Tip #3 – The Flinch

“It’s all about decisions and how to know when you’re making the right ones. It’s about you: the current, present you; the potential, future you; and the one, single difference between them” The Flinch by Julien Smith

This book is amazing so far and I highly recommended it to anyone looking to overcome fear.

“The flinch is the moment when every doubt you’ve every had comes back and hits you, hard. It’s when your whole body feels tense. It’s an instinct that tells you to run. It’s a moment of tension that append in the body and the brain, and it stops everything cold.”

I downloaded this book for FREE from Kindle. It is an easy read and highly recommend it.

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What is your Biggest Fear?

If you watched even a small portion of that video you would see one of my biggest fears. I hate the ocean and am so afraid of waves. I had an “incident” in California when I was 14 years old that almost ended it all. I got smashed by a wave while boggy boarding and could not get back up to the surface. I remember thinking that I was too young to die. It was pretty scary.

I managed to get up finally but only for a quick breathe before the next wave came crashing down. I have a hard time not seeing and feeling that every time I step into the ocean.

We have a 3 and 5 year old girls who LOVE the ocean and I am trying not to pass the fear onto them but it is hard. When we moved to Australia in 2011 I almost had a heart attack each time we were at the beach. In early 2012 I decided I needed to go after my fear. Without thinking about it (I would have chickened out) I registered for a surf course on the Gold Coast. I figured if I understood the currents and how the water moved, I might not be as scared.

That day was filled with fear, unknown, happiness and pride. I had not only went after my fear head on (and I mean literally, we had to paddle out OVER the waves I feared so much) but even stood on the surf board and turned a few times. It was exhilarating.

I will not lie – there are still days when I find that fear creep back into my mind. When we were in Cuba the last day the wind had picked up and the white caps on the waves made my tummy do flip flops but every time I go back to the moment of facing that fear and smile knowing I did it. And had fun too!

This story can help you with whatever you might fear. It is important to address it first. Then figure out “why” you have the fear and then hit the fear head on. MOST of the time the fear of that fear is WAY worse then you thought. I know it was for me.

So whether it is fear with your business (fear of failure, fear of what people may think, fear of rejection) or fear in your personal life (fear of regret, fear of loss, fear of loneliness), attack it head on and see what happens. I am sure it won’t be a bad as you made it out to be.

Have a fantastic day.
“Do something every day that scares you”

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A Mental Health Break

A Mental Health Break

One of the most important aspects of any home business and/or internet business is consistency. Blog everyday, video blog everyday, Facebook everyday or whatever social media you use everyday. But what happens when you need a break? What happens when you need a mental health break?

Well the good news is you take one! You know the people who read, watch and listen to your information will understand.

I took a mental health break from the internet and my internet business for the last few days.
I had to – it was not an option. My brain, my family and my mind needed it.

It was amazing to just relax and enjoy the kids, my husband and watch a few movies.

I am sure you understand and have probably wondered many times if you could take some time for yourself.

I say “do it” and enjoy the mental break.

I don’t recommend it for a long period of time or your business will die but it may really help you become a better business owner, a better spouse, parent and person.

Enjoy the time, turn off and refresh. Once you come back, you will be able to enjoy the excitement and the passion again.

I am excited to be back and thankful for those who understand it was needed.

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Time to take control!!

Time to take control!!

This is an opportunity to join the few who were brave enough to try and strong enough to go against the grain.


I want more! I want to live life to its fullest. I do not want to think that the ordinary is ordinary. I am not mundane – I want and expect more! 

I am a dreamer but that is a good thing. I teach my children to dream big as well. We do not need to give up our dreams. “That’s life” is a cop out. You have a choice. Everyone has a choice. The only thing left to ask is will you take a chance. 

Darren Hardy – 21st Century Leadership

In the 21st Century many things have changed in our world.

Graduates are coming out of school without a job. 17,000,000 jobs in the work place don’t even require a college degree. And the worst part is that these Jobs aren’t coming back – Companies have found out how to do more with less (over seas or contract workers)
The industrial age has died. An economic shift in human history – redistribution is happening.

Millionaires world wide have changed.
In 1900 there were 5,000 millionaires
In 2000 there were 7,000,000 millionaires
In 2010 there were 10,000,000 millionaires.

Are you going to a part of this number for 2013/14?

The key skills to capitalize are needed and LEADERSHIP is the KEY.

The speed of change is accelerating – technology, knowledge, globalization, demographics (millennial generation 1980s – 1990s – 5 generations in the work place, more women working). Once we truly understand these stats and these changes, our leadership needs to accommodate these changes.

Key Traits of 21st Century Leadership are:
** Character
** Skills
** Vision

Lets break these down:

1. Character
“Not your daddy’s leadership” – We did not witness what our parents did. The Military model is dead.
Oraganizations have changed from economic entity to Emotional Intelligence (relate and connect). It used to be financial capital – it is now human capital. Use to be control not its collaborations.

Lead by example – most basic principle yet most violated.

“I no longer listen to what people say, I just watch what they do” – Winston Churchill

The speed of the leader is the speed of the pack – Leaders set the pace!!

Darren Hardy says “People do not go as fast as they can – they go as fast as the leader”

Leaders helps people see themselves better then they are.

“Leadership is the ability to get extraordinary achievement from ordinary people” Brian Tracey

How to get the people you want to do what you want!
• 2 questions you need to ask
1. What attributes do you want? – For example: coachable, passionate, ethical, self confident, integrity
TOP 12 most important attributes to YOU
2. Do YOU have and demonstrate those attributes? You have to posses it to yourself first
Rate yourself on a scale of 1 – 10 on the top 12 attributes – you will discover where you need to go to work on YOU.

KEY Question – If you could quit and sign up with anyone – how would it be?

Would you want to be sponsored by you? What would it take for the everyone to choose you? How can you develop into that person?

2. Skills
Recruiting – everybody recruits
“Great people are not trained, they are found”

What people are looking for?
1. People – great people are there attract other great people
2. Challenge new, different, exciting, unique
3. Opportunity
4. Personal Growth
5. Money

Best recruiter in the world…..You Follow me
“Who you are speaks so loud I can’t hear a word you are saying”

Be the message you bring – You don’t attract what you want, you attract only who you are. We communicate with feelings not words.

Turn SELL into HELP (Hit List vs Help List)
Turn GET to GIVE Strength, courage, confidence, love, belief, hope
Turn COMMUNICATION into CONNECT – Face to face, heart to heart

You can only care about those that care!! Working with the unwilling – cost of working with the wrong person = 10-15x/hour

Why do I want to work with you? Free country – you can build this business.
Here is what it takes to work with me….10 core commitments. If you are good with those 10, I will support you all the way. If one is not followed – see ya.
Talk to a new person each day, go to meetings, convention
Work with fewer people – DEEPER!!

Fewer statement and ask more questions – find out what their hopes, their dreams, their desires – align meaning and purpose then help them achieve them
Recognize and reward

Measure yourself, not by your rank advancement
The people who you are going help – help them accomplish their dreams/goals

21st Century Leadership
Responsibility – Opportunity — Soul Fulfillment

ASK yourself these questions:
WHY? —-

Darren Hardy was amazing and I cannot wait to share more from what I learned from him.

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