MLM Success Tip – Setting Up Your Presentation

I have had many questions about setting up your presentation to a potential prospect. “What do I say” is the top question.

In this video I walk about the 3 step set up which includes:
1. Your WHY
2. Big Deal All In
3. With or Without You (Don’t care)

When you start your meeting off with these 3 and then use your company tool for the presentation, you will have great success.

Be honest, be raw and truthful. Be genuine and you will have great success.

Here is the blog post on really figuring out your why:

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Business Tip – Take Your Personal Development on the Road

What are you listening to in the car while you drive to work, school or to get groceries?

Use that time to get some personal development done.

Get a great motivational CD or book on CD and play it whenever you are in the car.

Some great ones I recommend (in no particular order):

1. Go Pro – How to become a network marketing Professional – Eric Wore
2. Rich Dad Poor Dad – Robert Kiyosaki
3. The Thank You Economy – Gary Vaynerchuk
4. Think and Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill
5. Straight Talk on Fighting Fear & Procrastination – Ray Higdon
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Comment and share with your team so everyone can utilize the time in the car to grow and learn.
Also, comment below, what book are you reading or listening to? I love suggestions.

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Business Tip – Share in Others Success

I love being on Facebook and seeing all my networking friends having great success. I comment and say congrats to their team and their business. I am not negative or make excuses on why they did something well and I did not.

I was speaking with a networking friend of mine and we were talking about her success and the success of some of the people in her business. It was great to see other companies in our industry of Direct Sales/Networking Marketing doing so well. We need to celebrate with others on their success.

Watch the video to hear my views on why this is important.

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Business Tip – 30 Day Blitz – Day 1

Welcome to my 30 Day Blitz.

Day 1 starts today and I am excited. My official day 1 with my business didn’t actually start until 8pm as I have to work my schedule around my life (and my Job as a mom and personal trainer) but I am going hard with this blitz and it is going to help grow my business.

Most important tips:
Create a schedule
Maintain your schedule
Working around your life/Job/responsibilities
Discuss with your family
Set a date

My review of Eric Worre’s Webinar Recruiting 20 people in 30 days:

Creating Your Schedule

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Business Tip – Crack The Code To Your Own Major Breakthrough

I cannot believe how powerful this video and information is. If you are truly honest with yourself, you will see some major points that can help you move from unsuccessful to successful.

Let me first say when I talk about unsuccessful I do not mean never made anything BUT more, not doing as good as you want. If you want more in your business, this video will help you. It really is a breakthrough…….


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Success Tip – Using Facebook Groups to Grow Your Business

Success Tip – Using Facebook Groups to Grow Your Business

Have you been using Facebook Groups to try and grow your business? I know a lot of people who puke their opportunity all over these groups. I have asked many people in my research if this type of marketing really works. I have had very few respond with a positive.

The main reason people do not get success is that there are so many posts that it is lost in the noise.

So how can we stop the noise and actually use Facebook Groups to your advantage in business. Check out the video to find out the best way to grow your business with Facebook Groups.

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Business Tip #6 – Find a Mentor or Coach

Business Tip #6 – Find a Good Mentor or Coach

As a personal trainer and coach, people are often surprised that I have my own personal trainer and coach. They think I would not need one. But the reality is that all the great reasons why you would need a personal trainer and coach are the EXACT same reasons I do. Accountability, motivation, butt-kicking, form adjustment, etc.

It does not matter if you are a NHL player or a gold medal contender at the Olympics, everyone needs a coach and a mentor.

This is true in business as well. Most major players in any business (Donald Trump, Oprah Winfrey, Eric Worre, Ray and Jessica Higdon) have spend thousands of dollars of their own personal development. It is so important to grow as a leader and become better.

My husband and I recently joined a running group. Now I have my coaching and can coach run groups myself so WHY did I join. I joined for the social, motivational and accountability to the group and the coach.

We live in an internet frenzy world. You can get almost anything online now. A weight loss food plan for a month, an exercise plan, a business plan, a step-by-step Internet Marketing plan, a network marketing blueprint. So if we can get all these, why are more people not successful at losing weight, getting healthy, growing their business? Having the plan and implementing the plan are two very different things.

Find a couch and mentor you trust, you share the same values and vision. This can change your business. Find someone who makes you laugh or pisses you off or challenges you in different ways. Find someone who will help you grow and help your business grow.

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