Business Tip – 30 Day Blitz – Day 1

Welcome to my 30 Day Blitz.

Day 1 starts today and I am excited. My official day 1 with my business didn’t actually start until 8pm as I have to work my schedule around my life (and my Job as a mom and personal trainer) but I am going hard with this blitz and it is going to help grow my business.

Most important tips:
Create a schedule
Maintain your schedule
Working around your life/Job/responsibilities
Discuss with your family
Set a date

My review of Eric Worre’s Webinar Recruiting 20 people in 30 days:

Creating Your Schedule

Do you want to do a 30 day blitz but are not sure where to start, click here and fill out your information on the contact section and I can help you with a game plan:

To Your Success,
“Helping you stay at home while making a living”

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