Business Tip – Take Your Personal Development on the Road

What are you listening to in the car while you drive to work, school or to get groceries?

Use that time to get some personal development done.

Get a great motivational CD or book on CD and play it whenever you are in the car.

Some great ones I recommend (in no particular order):

1. Go Pro – How to become a network marketing Professional – Eric Wore
2. Rich Dad Poor Dad – Robert Kiyosaki
3. The Thank You Economy – Gary Vaynerchuk
4. Think and Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill
5. Straight Talk on Fighting Fear & Procrastination – Ray Higdon
To grab Ray Higdon’s CD, click here:

Comment and share with your team so everyone can utilize the time in the car to grow and learn.
Also, comment below, what book are you reading or listening to? I love suggestions.

To Your Success,
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Business Tip – Share in Others Success

I love being on Facebook and seeing all my networking friends having great success. I comment and say congrats to their team and their business. I am not negative or make excuses on why they did something well and I did not.

I was speaking with a networking friend of mine and we were talking about her success and the success of some of the people in her business. It was great to see other companies in our industry of Direct Sales/Networking Marketing doing so well. We need to celebrate with others on their success.

Watch the video to hear my views on why this is important.

To Your Success,
“Helping you stay at home while making a living”

How to Fire Your Boss in 6 Critical Steps

How to Fire Your Boss in 6 Critical Steps

6 Critical Activities you can do daily to move your Home Business into a Full-Time income and work from home.

If you have gotten into a Network Marketing company part-time as you work your J.O.B and have dreams of one day leaving that job and making enough money, read and put into practice this list of daily activities to FIRE YOUR BOSS.

These need to be done daily to build your business and continue to move it forward. The consistency of these actions will grow your business from a young seed to a blossoming flower.

Of course, this happens over time, similar to a beautiful flower bush. It takes on average about 30 days to see results from a certain strategy so start implementing these activities today and you will see big gains over the next month.

The 6 Critical Activities are:

1. Connect with 3-5 new quality network marketers. Some people have asked me why this is important. If they are quality, they have something of value and you can learn from them. You can connect with them; you can also join their network, which opens your doors to more people.

2. Connect with 3-5 quality people in your existing network. Working on-line and off-line together is so important. We are in a “Networking” company and that means building relationships is still top priority. Follow up with people from your warm market, do some training with your team. Always connecting with your existing network no matter what.

A little trick I like to use that was told to me is the 5-penny rule. Put 5 pennies onto your desk or table, have a separate jar beside them. For every person you connect with, move the penny into the jar. As you see the pennies moving, you will see the results of your efforts.

3. Create and provide value every single day. If you blog, write something. If you are on Facebook or Twitter, give some value to your network. Quotes and fun pictures are great but you need to think, “How will this help my network?” By creating value you will be building a stronger relationship within your network.

4. GET Leads!! This seems like such a simple idea but most people struggle with this the most. By increasing your network, your pipeline for leads also increases.

Most MLM companies teach a lot about concepts (positive mind set, what to say, find your passion) but they do not really teach you the strategies on how to go out and actually get leads.

A great analogy I heard recently was to do with fishing. I DO NOT fish but really understood this concept. Primary companies teach you how to gut, clean and cook your fish but a system teaches you how to catch the fish in the first place. It teaches strategies to get leads. I always found leaving the trainings and wondering, “BUT where do I find these people to talk to”.

5. KEEP Learning. Investing in you is so important. Attend webinars, read bogs, watch YouTube videos. There is lot to learn but if you take some time to learn it, you will be able to grow your business in this industry. If you only have a few hours a day, take 20 minutes to read a blog or watch a video. Stay focused and do not get side tracked. You will become a better business person once you invest in you!

6. Have a Progress Report.

We have recently heard a lot about goals with the New Years just here but if we have no way of measuring our progress, we cannot make changes or improve in any area. Write down each day how many leads you got, how many new likes or followers, how many people you spoke to over email/phone/Face Time. Once you have your report, each week take a look and see where you need to improve and what is working well.

If you commit to doing these 6 simple activities each day (whether you have 2 hours or 8 hours a day to work on your business), you will see the benefits as your business grows. Consistency is the key to firing your boss!!

Good Luck and please let me know how it goes.

To Your Success,
“Helping you stay at home while making a living”

Business Tip – Using Twitter For Business

Twitter is a great tool for growing your business. Similar to Facebook, it is all about networking and growing that network.

You are not following someone just to turn around and “pitch” them. You need to network and build a relationship. You may or may not talk about business, and that is ok!

In this quick video tutorial, check out some great ways to connect with people and grow your network.

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Business Tip – 30 Day Blitz – Day 1

Welcome to my 30 Day Blitz.

Day 1 starts today and I am excited. My official day 1 with my business didn’t actually start until 8pm as I have to work my schedule around my life (and my Job as a mom and personal trainer) but I am going hard with this blitz and it is going to help grow my business.

Most important tips:
Create a schedule
Maintain your schedule
Working around your life/Job/responsibilities
Discuss with your family
Set a date

My review of Eric Worre’s Webinar Recruiting 20 people in 30 days:

Creating Your Schedule

Do you want to do a 30 day blitz but are not sure where to start, click here and fill out your information on the contact section and I can help you with a game plan:

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Creating Your First Video for Your Business

Creating Your First Video for Your Business

You may be asking yourself why would you make a video for your business. I created a video on why YouTube is a great marketing tool, check out that video here:

Now that you know WHY to make videos, here is the “how to” of video making.

There are many people who worry about some of the smaller things that stops them but really it is easy to start, easy to continue and it is just about getting started.

Some common questions I get:

What equipment do I use?

Choosing your equipment is super easy because almost everyone has a smart phone with video capabilities. Practically every smartphone on the market comes with two things that make video recording easy and fun: a decent amount of free space to store video files, and a camcorder function for making them.

You can also use a web cam which if you have bought a new computer in the last 8 years, you have a webcam.

You can use YouTube itself to record and post your video or use an application such a QuickTime Player ( I use a Mac and this is how I do screen share videos and regular video).

What do I say in the video?

These possibilities are endless. You can tell your story, give an overview of your company and/or product, an event going on in the news, whatever you want. I do think you need to go through figuring out your target market and talk directly to them.

If you need help working out your target market, check my blog here:

Making and Editing the Video
There are a few ways of thinking with making and editing. I believe in the one take and GO. Whatever happens is all part of my story. If my kids talk, my dog barks, if I mess up my words – that is all the real me and I want to show off me, not some fake perfect person.

The other thought is to take multiple takes, practice and view your video to remove the “ums” and “aahhs” You can also record a video in parts and then stitch them together on your computer to make a cohesive whole. Either way, the choice is yours and they are both great options.

What to say in your video is another common question.

I like to frame my videos. State your name and where you are (my home office in Toronto, Canada OR Vacationing on the beaches of the world). Also a quick overview of what you will be talking about. “Today is just a quick video about why using YouTube is important for your business” Make it less less 5 minutes. We live in a fast paced world and most people have a fast paced attention span. You only have a small amount of time (I say 3-4 min) to get your point across. Finish the video with a CALL TO ACTION. This is not a “hope to connect with you” but use strong language and tell them what to do next “Click the link below to connect with me to get my blue print to success”

Lastly, once it is uploaded, share it and ask others to share it as well. Have a link to your website or blog so that people can find more. Ask them to subscribe to your YouTube channel. These are all ways to keep in touch and continue to add value to your target market.

An imperfect plan executed today is better then a perfect plan that is never executed. I look back on my first videos and laugh but I did it and that is what counts.

Take out your phone, make a quick video and upload it to YouTube. Start there and move forward with more. It will become a habit and you will enjoy it.

To Your Success,
“Helping you stay at home while making a living”

Business Tip – Crack The Code To Your Own Major Breakthrough

I cannot believe how powerful this video and information is. If you are truly honest with yourself, you will see some major points that can help you move from unsuccessful to successful.

Let me first say when I talk about unsuccessful I do not mean never made anything BUT more, not doing as good as you want. If you want more in your business, this video will help you. It really is a breakthrough…….


To your success,
“Helping you stay at home while making a living”

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