MLM Success Tip – Everyone Quits

A little rant this evening about business and Network Marketing. I was speaking to a prospect this evening just before I taught my bootcamp class and am a little fired up.

Have you ever had a New Years Resolution and hit it hard in January but then it died down a little as February hit and then got lost by March. This happens all the time. As a personal trainer who worked in a gym for 5 years, I saw this happen all the time. BUT when it happened no one blames the gym or the personal trainer. It is the person who quit.

It is important that we look at the Network Marketing industry the same way. People get in, do some work and then quit. It happens over and over again. This is why we have a bad reputation for lack of success.

Eric Worre uses the example of a medical drug. If 100 people are giving the drug and 90 people do not take it, does that mean it is a 90% failure rate. NO – it means 90 people didn’t do what was necessary to even try.

If you company does not have a blue print to success, training to plug into, it is no wonder why people quit. They get a few NOs from the people they really thought would join and then with lack of support, they quit.

If you are feeling frustrated with your business, connect with me so we can chat and see what can be done to become successful. My gaol for 2014 is to help as many people as I can to to crush their dreams.

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Business Lead Generation Tip: WWYD: What Would You Do?

This is a very simple script you can use on the phone or an email to speak to other professionals you are trying to recruit into your business.

I created this video last year for my team and wanted to share it with you as well. It can work for any business.

“I am currently working with a few Realtors and I am looking for a few more sharp Realtors open to making extra money.
HOW WOULD YOU approach other Realtors?”

You can use this for Personal Trainers, Chiropractors, Massage Therapists, Accountants and many more.

Try it and see what happens. I would love to hear about your successes and failures.

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Go For No – Two letters to Greatness “N” and “O” with Andrea Waltz and Richard Fenton

“You can have virtually anything you want if you’re willing to hear NO often enough” – Richard Fenton

What does the word NO mean to you? If I am honest with you, I will say the word NO terrifies me to death. I get butterflies in my stomach, my adrenaline pumps through my veins, I sometimes blush with embarrassment and even get angry. Does that sound at all familiar?

I know when I first got involved in Network Marketing the thought of asking all my friends and family about my amazing product made me want to hide (not to mention the business side of it) It is not even because I have never ‘sold’ anything before. As a personal trainer, I ask people every day to invest in themselves, invest in their health and invest money into those things. People said no of course but it never really felt like a NO. It is strange. But in here in this industry, when someone said NO, I took it personally.

My mentor and business partner Ray Higdon tells a story about when he was in personal foreclosure, in a very bad place financially and emotionally, he came across this book “Go for NO” and it literally changed his life. He went for 20 NOs every single day. Check out his story, it is pretty cool to see where he came from;

I have read the book and then was fortunate enough to hangout with the authors on a webinar this past weekend.

They start by asking what the word NO means to you? (I gave you my answer – what is yours?)
Then they ask you to reprogram your brain in the way you think about NO.

Back when we were kids (or if you have kids you know) the word NO really doesn’t phase kids. They either keep asking (over and over again) or do it anyways. It drives me bonkers when my daughters do this, even though I know I was just the same as a kid (Sorry mom).

Unfortunately the negative that goes with NO, comes from being a kid. I have been trying to work this into my parenting as well as my business.

Change the negative to a positive and see how you respond both internally (the bad thoughts, the sweat, the butterflies) and externally (stop calling, stop working or giving up).

The truth is “Yes is the destination but NO is how you get there” – Andrea Waltz

The old model looks like this:

Failure <<<<<<>>>>>>Success
You either had one OR the other.

The new model:


The NOs (or failure) are the stepping stones to success. If you have massive rejection, you will have success!!

Some Core Concepts to really think about. Having YES goals is ok but having NO goals is critical. Set a NO goal (how many times you will get NO in a day/week/month). Work towards that goal every day and you will become successful because the yeses will come without you even realizing it.

“The worst presentation that is delivered is better than a perfect presentation that is never seen” – Go for No

You can constantly be learning or practicing because you are avoiding the “doing” I was like this for a LONG time. I am still guilty of it once in a while. But the reality is, nothing will come out of it if you do not tell the story.

Unseen …. Untold ….. Unsold – Without telling/showing you will not get the option to even get a NO or a YES.

After hanging out with these guys this weekend, I have decided to set my NO goals and work toward success. Do you want to join me? It is always more fun with others.

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Business Tip # 9 – Green Light System

With my Mastermind Fever group last night, we got to hangout with MLSP super star and multiple 6 figure earner Rob Fore. He spoke to us about the Green Light System; How to Eliminate Feelings of overwhelm and confusion. It was a great session and I wanted to share.

To get the full system, go to my website and enter your details. You will get the full system via email.

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A Review: Eric Worre’s Recruiting 20 people in 30 days Webinar

This weekend I continued my learning while attending an amazing webinar with Eric Worre. I wanted to share my important take aways from the webinar.

Eric Worre showed a plan to recruit 20 people in the next 30 days. As a leader I watched, took notes and are now giving you the goods!

What would recruiting 20 people into your business in the next 30 days do for you and your family?

What would it be really worth? Grab a pen and write this down…..

If you recruited 20 people into your business in the next 30 days, what it is worth:
1. In Upfront Commission — what dollar figure would this be? (you may not know exactly but try to work with real numbers)
2. Other Bonuses – many companies have a fast start bonus or something similar
3. Over the next 12 months – how much money would it bring in?
4. Lifetime – if you were to do a blitz, what would your lifetime money look like?
5. What Rank would you achieve in that 30 days?
6. What example would you show your team?
7. What would your reputation within your company or your community be?

Total up those numbers and see what it looks like. Maybe its a million dollars, maybe it is $10,000 but looking at that number, what would that mean for your family?

Early retirement?

This is WHY doing a 30 day blitz is so critical to success. Let’s break it down and look at the numbers.

If you bring in 20 people, 12 will do something (they will bring in others, make some money) and 8 will do nothing.

Out of those 12:
8 people will look like leaders within 90 days
4 people will be solid builders in 12 months (90% of your income will come from these 4)
2 people will be major leaders in 5 years
1 person will be responsible for half of your entire income

Now that these numbers make sense, lets dive a little deeper. Before you get started you need to decide on two very important factors.

1. What is Your Story? Maybe you are tired of crawling and never really making any money. You are tired of your family and friends shaking their head at you every time you talk about your ‘business’. Maybe you want to help yourself and others become debt free, live their dreams and truly travel the world. Whatever your story is, create it, practice it and use it.

2. Pick a 30 day window. It does not have to be tomorrow. Choose wisely and set it up in your calendar.

Ok so now you have seen why you should do a 30 days blitz and understand the numbers, here is the preparation you need to take to do it.

* Commitment level – If you really want this, go after it. If you are working this business part-time, commit to every hour outside your full-time job.
* Clear Your Calendar – put all other actions on hold in this 30 days.
* Sacrifices – You will have to make some….
* Negotiate with your family – Let them know what to expect, how it works. (If you have an unsupportive spouse, ask them for 30 days to go hard and then you can talk about what happens after that. The only reason your spouse is unsupportive is they do not see the value of the time you spend and the monetary reward. Prove them wrong)
* Eliminate all distractions – put hobbies on hold so you can focus
* Tell your existing team – if you have helped them a lot in the past, tell them for the next 30 days, they need to find their own answers. Let them know you are doing this blitz and you will be back to help them again after it is over
* Make a fresh list – this is a new time and you want to be adding new names to a new list.
* Sharpen your skills – you are going to be making lots of calls and connections so you want to be ready. Invest in a new course or re-visit an old course. Get yourself ready to go.

Ok now lets look at the math. I like to see it broken down to really understand it.

How many people join per presentation given?
10 presentations/ 2 join

How many presentations do you do for 20 people?
100 presentations/20 join

How many appointments do you make to do 100 presentations?
125 (25 do not show)

How many calls do you need to make to book 125 appointments?

What does your list of names look like to get 300 calls?

These numbers may scare you but they are from ongoing research over a 12 month period. BUT the good news is, if you do a 30 day blitz, these numbers get better.

For every 10 presentations – 3-4 people will join, meaning only 60-70 presentations needed, 90 appointments made, 150 calls and 300+ on your list. You are doing less and getting better results. It makes perfect sense to me.

So maybe you got through this whole review and are asking why would I follow this?

Eric Worre has interviewed countless 6 and 7 figure income earners in our profession. And he found a pattern. Every single top earner started with a blitz that included recruiting 20 people.

EVERY SINGLE ONE. Those are pretty good odds.

Eric Worre says if you want to be a 6 figure earner… just go recruit 20 people in 30 days… and then be consistent there after. If you want to be a 7 figure earner Eric Worre says do it 3 or 4 times throughout the course of your career.

I have seen Eric on stage, I have spoken to him off stage, I watch his videos and believe he is an expert. Are you willing to sacrifice 30 days to work as hard as you have ever worked in order to become a 6 figure earner, quit your job, fire your boss?

The choice is yours, but I highly recommend you do.

To your success,
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Business Tip # 8 – Branding Yourself

Continuing on the business tips for 2014 being the best year ever……


After my video on finding your ideal customer (see here:,
I got a lot of questions about “branding yourself” I am a real belier in branding yourself (You.INC) and not your company.

The main reason for this is because companies change, products change, BUT you do not change! So if you brand yourself, you can add or take away anything under your brand.

Brand yourself to be the expert. People buy from people, not companies.

Look for my next video series on Branding coming soon. Don’t miss out, find me on and and follow me here.

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What if I am not in Network Marketing – Providing Value to All Business Customers

What if I am not in Network Marketing - Providing Value to All Business Customers

I have been speaking with a friend of mine who is a real estate agent and after checking out my new website: she asked if I ever work with people not in Networking Marketing.

The answer is of course. The reality is that almost everything I teach about social media, adding value, turning cold market to warm, can relate to any business whether it is real estate, personal training, mortgage brokers and more. Adding value to whatever market place you are in will increase your business ten fold.

One of my favourite speakers and trainers, Gary Vanderchuk has tested this theory on twitter over and over again. He takes a simple search using the twitter function to search for anyone who is having a conversation about “moving” or “house for sale” and connects with them. Tries to help them out, either offering a moving company or a location suggestion. He is not a real estate agent, but he believe in old fashion value and customer service. He meshes the idea of the old school idea of “a hand shake is thicker then mud” with the new school of social media. What does real estate and Gary have in common – Creating relationships and providing value.

He has done this type of search, helps and connects million of times.

I told my friend that with Real Estate (as with any business) it is all about providing value to your potential customer. There are many real estate agents in every city so you need to stand out above the rest. How — by adding value.

Most people do very well through word of mouth with their “warm market”. A friend of a friend recommended her. Well I trust my friend so I will trust her as well. This is common in many customer service based businesses. Your product or services (whatever it is) are referred to someone else by someone who trust and knows you.

Warm market is the ‘easiest’ because they already trust and know you. The challenge is to open your warm market up to start including people in your neighbourhood, the surrounding cities and towns and to others that you do not know. You are basically taking someone from cold to warm. This is not as hard as it seems.

Whether you are online (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest) or offline line (Flyers, Seminars), the basic principal is the same. Provide value, make connections, create relationships and gain trust. This does not mean puking all over a person about the best house, best interest rate, best personal training equipment. That is just noise. Noise that goes onto deaf ears if you do not have a relationship or trust built. (similar with Network Marketing – I have the best ground floor, amazing comp plan you will ever see opportunity. All noise to a cold prospect).

How do you built trust and relationships with your cold market? Provide amazing value and ask for nothing in return. Yep, that is it!

For example, as a Real Estate agent, my friend has knowledge and skills in areas about schools, housing renovations, property staging and much more. Going back to my blog from yesterday, what is your ideal customer and what are their interests?

Once you understand what their interests are, give them some value. For example, run a seminar about understanding how to pick a great school for your child. Connect with a teacher who would love to share some information to parents about important aspects of what makes a great school. Use the schools in that area as examples and give a detailed report on the “report card score” of each school.

Is that something your ideal customer might be interested in? I know as a mom of 2 young girls, the school in my neighbourhood was the MOST important part of the houses we looked at.

What about potential customer looking to sell their home? Maybe have a flyer that offers “staging strategies for best curb appeal” or “how to get the best bang out of renovations” Again, information that your ideal customer would want to know about.

These are just a few examples of offline value. If you are online it is even easier. Take Gary’s approach and do a search on Twitter or Facebook. Reach out to people and offer value, but do not ask “are you looking to sell your house in the next year” That is not real value, that is a smoke screen and it is not genuine. People will smell it right away.

Be friendly, be genuine, offer value and help answer questions. Stop thinking, “what’s in it for me?” and start thinking “what can I help you with?” The bottom line is, if you give value and move them from hot to warm, you can then, if appropriate, speak about your business. But once you have hit this stage, it is no longer uncomfortable or pushy, it is just a friend speaking to a friend. This is much easier then working with a cold market.

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