MLM Success Tip – Facebook Fan Page Mistakes

If you have a business, you should be using Facebook. If you are not, check out my blog on WHY you should – check out my older blog post here:

If you have already gotten on Facebook and have a Fan Page, are you making some mistakes?

Stop doing these 4 things and build your business.

1. Using cheap and unprofessional pictures on your cover page. They look terrible and they do not show your brand to those visiting.

2. Keep the “LIKE” box up. There is no need to have this up and showing. Put an application box up that gives value or collects information.

3. Having applications with no value. Having 30 apps that clutter and confuse your fans does not help build your brand or add value.

4. Having long status updates. 50% of users are looking at Facebook on a smart phone. If they have to click the ‘see more’ feature, they usually don’t. They do not want to spend that much time reading.

Take a look at your Fan Page and see if you are making any of these errors, it could be costing you business.

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Top 50 MLM Blogs – Winners Announced!

The voting and the judging for the 2013 Top MLM Blogs is in and unfortunately I did not make the top 50 BUT the great news is, I received an honourable mention. Whoot Whoot! This is very exciting. 

I started 2013 with a goal to start blogging. I wanted to be constant and provide a ton of value. I wanted to help others grow their business and really live their dreams. One of my main focuses was to get more people making BIG dreams and actually living those dreams. 

I began to blog. At first I wasn’t really that good. I was so scared of the camera but knew that video blogs were one of the best ways to reach people and have them “get to know” me. I bought some courses, taught myself the basic and just did it. They were pretty bad lol. Kids talking in the background, randomly at my kitchen counter, it was terrifying BUT I did it.


Check out my very first EVER video:

As the year went on a friend and colleague of mine suggested entering in the Top 50 MLM blog contest. I was still building my blog content and didn’t really think I was “good enough” – it is a little nerve raking being place in a contest with the likes of Eric Worre and my mentor/business partner  Ray Higdon BUT I live by this quote:

“Do one thing every day that scares you. ― Eleanor Roosevelt

So I entered. 

The criteria for the contest has changed over the last year and it was not just based on votes. Anyone with a big list can get votes but it does not really mean they provide value. 

Check out what the judging consisted of:

“For the Top 50 MLM Blogs of 2013, votes were only intended to count a small margin and all the focus was meant to be placed on the actual blog and value that the blogger provided.

How We Calculated the Results

The goal was to determine the results by leadership, value, consistency of content, votes and traffic that the blog receives.We used consistency of content, leadership and of course the votes as a way to filter the original list. So sticking to the goal of delivering a Top 50 MLM Blogs list that represents the true leaders in the industry was top priority.” 

I agree with all of these and am proud to say Eric Worre and Ray Higdon are number 1 and 2 but to “deserve a mention” along side some of the top leaders in the niche is a great achievement and I am proud to have been apart of it all. 

Top Bloggers Who Deserve a Mention

Lindsay Hack –

As January comes to a close, I want you to ask yourself:

“is there something I am not doing because of fear or lack or experience?” Think about something you would do if you knew you couldn’t fail. I share this story with you not to gloat but to motivate and inspire you to do something, anything that you think can not be done. I promise it will be worth it. It will not be easy but it will be worth it!

To Your Success,

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PS If you are interested in starting to blog, here is the course I bought and highly recommend it:





Business Tip # 4 – What is your Product?

Yesterday I spent over an hour with the great Lisa Grossmann and we did some amazing training that I wanted to share with you.

Lisa Grossmann is a multi-million dollar earner and sought-after consultant, trainer and speaker within the Network Marketing profession. I got to see her live at the No Excess Summit in Las Vegas last May and have connected with her since. I did a post conference interview with her and our friendship has continued to grow.

Click here to watch the interview:

She has so much value to offer and one of the biggest hearts I know. Make sure you connect with her on Facebook.

Go over and like her business page:

When it comes to Network Marketing, loving your product is so important. Loving it so much that you would continue to use it whether you were in the business or not. Loving it so much that you would continue to recommend it whether you were in the business or not. This comes from the passion of product.

Let’s take a step back and talk about markets.

HOT Market
WARM Market
COLD Market – I will be doing more training on this in the up coming weeks.

HOT Market – these are the family members or friends like family who use to buy Girl Guide cookies from you as a kid. They love and support you no matter what. They now buy your products from you because they love and support you. They do not see you as a business person. They have seen your goof ups, your mistakes and probably do not take you seriously as a business person, BUT they buy some product. You do not talk to them about the business.

WARM Market – friends, family, co-workers, running buddy – people who you would recommend a good movie too, a nice restaurant or great customer service. Again, talk to them about the product. NOT the business.

Bringing it back to the product is how to really grow your business. 95% of the people I have asked how they got into Network Marketing said it was because they LOVED their product. Get others to love your product and your business will grow.

I took pages of notes with my one-on-one training with Lisa and cannot wait to share more with you. I love personal development because no matter how much you know, there is still so much more to go.

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Have a fantastic Monday, stay safe and warm and remember to never give up!!

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Business Tip #3 – The Flinch

“It’s all about decisions and how to know when you’re making the right ones. It’s about you: the current, present you; the potential, future you; and the one, single difference between them” The Flinch by Julien Smith

This book is amazing so far and I highly recommended it to anyone looking to overcome fear.

“The flinch is the moment when every doubt you’ve every had comes back and hits you, hard. It’s when your whole body feels tense. It’s an instinct that tells you to run. It’s a moment of tension that append in the body and the brain, and it stops everything cold.”

I downloaded this book for FREE from Kindle. It is an easy read and highly recommend it.

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If you are looking for more in your business and need a plan, click here, this may be the one thing you are looking for:

Business Tip #2 – Have A Daily Method of Operation

As promised, here is a look at my DMO (Daily Method of Operation).

When you are working your business, you need to understand what you are doing throughout the time you have.

If you are like most of us, our time is limited and in order to be as productive as possible, having a check list and a Daily Method of Operation is so important.

Quick Tip – Being busy and being production are two very different things. I have had to learn this the hard way and hopefully I can save you some time and money.

I do most of my business online through social media so my Daily Method of Operation is more specific to that. (If you want to learn more about social media training, click here:

For you it might look a little different.

Maybe you have home parties, training, cold calls, warm market calls, coffee dates, etc.

But to be successful you first have to understand what you want to accomplish with your business.

Creating short and long term goals, creating a weekly schedule (check my blog for my weekly schedule: and creating a priority list is where you want to start.

The priority list is very important when it comes to being production. First do a brain dump. Write down everything you want to get done every day and then rate them on a 1 (most important), 2 (needs to happen) and 3 (can wait). This will help you focus the important tasks.

I will talk about “money making activities” in my next Business Tip series.

If you want more help with creating your daily method of operation, connect with me and we can work on it together.

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Looking for a great start on how to make money blogging, check out this course:

Business Tip #1 – Creating a Schedule and Sticking to It!

As promised I wanted to share my weekly schedule I created to kick ass in 2014!! I wanted to share it with you so you can also kick butt for 2014!

If you are anything like me you have been trying to build your business on limited hours. When you are not full time, your time is very limited and you must make the most out of that time.

In order to keep me organized and inline with my gaols, I have to micro-manage myself and my time.

This schedule has helped me plan out my days, hours I have to work with my business, add in personal time with my kids and my own workouts. I was finding that everything was leaking into each other and nothing was getting done.

Breaking down the day into smaller blocks make it easier to schedule and not so daunting.

To grow you business, you must treat yourself like a business owner.

If you need some help with your own schedule, connect with me and I can help you figured out what will work best for you.

To your success,
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Happy New Year

After 21 days down and out with pneumonia I am celebrating my own New Year for 2014 TODAY (only 21 days late but better late then never).

I have been doing personal development reading, listening and watching and cannot wait to share with you.

I have my Daily Method of Operation, Weekly schedule and 2014 goals all done and ready to share. You do not want to miss all the great stuff.

Please connect with me further:

Here is the video for visual planning:

To Your success in 2014

Lindsay Hack
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