A Hard Lesson: My daughter Lost Her Stuffed Bunny


We are still on vacation and on the road again. We were heading from Atlantic Beach, North Carolina to Wilhmington, North Carolina to visit my business partners, mentors and friends, Tanya Aliza and Cesar Rodriguez. While visiting with them, my daughter’s beloved stuffed bunny must have fallen out of the car and did not make the continued 200 mile trip to our friends house in Holly Springs, North Carolina.

We haven’t seen these friends in almost 2 years so the excitement when we arrived with the girls and their children was crazy. It wasn’t until we started getting bed times ready did we look and could not find BunBun anywhere.


Now we have no idea where BunBun came from but my daughter has had him for over 5 years. He is her first love and she never went anywhere without him. We started keeping him in the house so that we wouldn’t “lose” him but she sleeps with him every night so she needed him on this vacation. He was in the car with us as we moved.

When my husband and I realized we had lost BunBun we were so sad. Any parent who has seen their child love a stuffed animal with every ounce of her being understands the sadness. And then we had to tell her. This was going to be hard.


She was so upset, it broke our heart. My husband was thinking about driving back (200 miles) to see if he could find it. She cried, she mourned, she said she would never fall asleep again. BUT then she surprised us. She said she was sad but she was getting older and that she was okay to try and sleep tonight with her new doll from Santa. She never ceases to amaze me with her wisdom and her courage. She took a hard lesson and turned it around. She looked at the positive and moved forward.

I have said it many times, if we could learn more from our children we would be a much better world.

Imagine a time when something terrible happened (it can be anything) how did you act, respond, move forward. I know I have not always taken the route that my daughter took. I have willowed in my sadness, asked “why me” and stayed in that place for hours or even days/weeks.

We all have hardships, and maybe comparing my daughters lost BunBun to some of the other problems in the world is considered ridiculous but the emotion and the actions that go along with it are similar to those dealing with any hardship.

I can and I will

Let’s take this lesson my daughter had to learn and use it towards our own life and our own problems. Our kids can teach us so much and I will learn from them every single day.

If you live in the area or know anyone in the area, please keep an eye out for this little guy.
Here is a map of where we lost BunBun.


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MLM Success Tip – Stop just dipping your toes in!

I hope you all had a fabulous holiday and got to enjoy time with your loved ones. This “Christmas hangover” run is necessary to get over all the food I ate yesterday.

This video is a little reflection on the way people build their business. I have been in Atlantic Beach, North Carolina for the last week on vacation with my family and have been running every day along the beach. I have been watching these birds and as I run, it is my best thinking time.

These birds will run along the beach BUT never get wet. They follow the wave and eat the bugs in the sand. They are constantly moving but never take the plunge. Many people in the Network Marketing business take this approach to their business. They dip their toes in the water but never jump in.

The problem with this is that their business will never really grow. They are treating the business like a hobby and not a business. Have you had some success with your business but want to grow it in 2014? Connect with me and we can work together on the game plan for success.

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Watching them grow up in front of my eyes.

Watching them grow up in front of my eyes.

I have said for a long time it is not about the destination but the journey that matters. The memories we make along the way

We are on another vacation and I sit here on the balcony of our resort on the 3rd floor while my daughters (J is 3.5 and M is 5.5 years old) are playing at the park below. I am sitting watching them play together, independently, laughing and having a blast.

The freedom to be at the park alone makes them stronger. The excitement is their eyes when we told them they could go by themselves is the journey.

I am not going to sit here and tell you my heart doesn’t flicker with panic every once in a while or that I find myself watching them more then not, but this journey of them growing into strong, independent women is priceless (even if it is hard).

I would wrap them in cotton wool and keep them safe beside me every second if I thought it would be easier or better. I am slowly coming to the conclusion that as parents we need to provide them with space to make their own choices, sometimes good and sometimes bad. Let them make mistakes so they can learn from them and truly grow.

My older daughter M is taking huge pride is “watching” her younger sister. She is being overly protective so J doesn’t get hurt or run off. My younger daughter is listening well and enjoying the freedom.

It makes my heart melt each time I hear their laughter or their discussion on what to do next. They really are growing up in front of my eyes. December marks their “half birthdays” and there are moments when I look at Ben and still cannot believe we have children at all let alone 2 little people with their own personality.

Ben and I work together to parent the girls to the best of our ability. We have made mistakes and I am sure we will continue to make mistakes but it is all about the journey. We love making these memories together and as they grow up in front of my eyes I am reminded that they will continue to grow into beautiful women and I love it.

Do you have kids? What have you done to help them soar?
Please leave a comment or share.

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Travelling the Beaches of the World: Hello From Atlantic Beach, NC

We are on the road again, travelling the beaches on the world.

My office for the next 2 weeks is Atlantic Beach, North Carolina. I am on another vacation with my girls and Ben. Today we got to enjoy the sun, sand and surf today (and a crazy rain storm). As I continue to add new beaches to my growing list, I am reminded of how amazing travelling and working from home can be.

This 2 week holiday is a total tax write off since I am meeting with a team member and next week I am visiting my mentors, friends and business partners Tanya Aliza and Cesar Rodriguez.

Not only do I get to run on the beach (which is one of my most favourite activities to do, apart from playing at the beach with my girls), we get to enjoy another holiday together.

I tell a story in the video about a friend of mine who after opening his mind a little, his life completely changed. My offer to you is a question and answer opportunity with no pressure. If you have wanted to know what I am doing but never asked, now is your time.

Email me at lindsay.hack@gmail.com or PM me at http://www.Facebook.com/linz12hack

No pressure, no BS – just information.

Make 2014 an amazing year.

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Social Media 101

Social Media 101

Social media is a big buzz word in business today but the question is, is it a fad that will disappear like other fads?

The simple answer is NO!

Over the last 6 years, social media is jumping leaps and bounds every day. The business world needs to be prepared and if they haven’t already started adapting, they need to really get moving or they will be left behind. Social media is not going anywhere and is gaining momentum every day.

Let’s take a look at some of the facts – 15 reasons businesses need to get on Social Media:

1. 1 in 9 people on earth (6.94 billion people on earth divided by the 750 million users on Facebook) are on Facebook

2. 2.5 million websites integrate with Facebook

3. 53% of employers research potential candidates on social media sites

4. 76% of businesses use social networking for business objectives

5. Sales in social commerce are expected to reach 30 billion dollars years in 5 years

6. 66% of online adults are connected to 1 or more social platforms

7. 72% of marketers researched said that integrating social media helped in closing business

8. 64% of marketers are integrating social media into their marketing plans

9. 66% say a promotion or brand mention by a blogger influenced a purchase

10. 1 in 4 Americans watch a YouTube video every day

11. 190 million tweets average per day

12. Twitter is adding 500,000 users a day

13. Google + has 25 million users

14. In 16 days, Google+ reached 10 million users (Twitter did it in 780 days and Facebook in 852 days)

15. 52% of consumers say that product videos help make a purchase decision

As you can see, the need to be online is getting stronger each day. If your business is not online or you feel you do not know enough to make your business grow, take a look at this social media course from Jessica Hidgon.


She grew her business from nothing to over 6 figures using Facebook and other social media platforms.

2014 will be an amazing year, let’s do this.

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To your success

Take a Moment and Smile

As the holiday season gets closer I find the people get crazier. People yelling at one another, getting stressed with so much to do.

Take a moment, breathe, write a list of things you have to do, look after yourself and get through the stress. This is supposed to be a wonderful time of year.

Have you gone out of your way to smile, say hello or wish them a happy holiday. Make someone’s day and enjoy.

Here is a quick list to stay sane during the holidays:

1. Make a list and prioritize which are most important
2. Take care of yourself, exercise and eat right – you will feel much better!
3. Stay positive even if there is negative around you
4. Smile
5. Remember that this is a wonderful time of year!

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Motivation Monday!

Some days you just need a little extra motivation. Today was one of those days for me.

On days like today, I go back to books that make me feel motivated, watch videos and dance. Now I can’t dance – not even one bit BUT it always makes me feel better.

This is one of those videos that gives me goose bumps, gets me excited and puts a smile on my face. I hope you enjoy it and if you need a little extra motivation today, I hope this has helped.

Don’t ever let someone tell you can’t do something!

You want something – you go get it! Period!

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To your success,

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