Students say THANK YOU for Believing in Us to Their Retiring Principal with a Flash Mob

When I think about another school year coming to an end (some of you are already in summer holidays), it really makes me think about kids and their dreams.

As adults have lost the ability to really DREAM BIG. But kids, they still believe they can do anything. I love that!! We need to take lessons from our kids sometimes.

This video shows that when there is an adult, a role model, encouraging these kids to dream and do whatever it takes to live those dreams, they believe.

I love it! Please watch, comment, like and share. We need more believers in the world and we need more adults allowing themselves and their children to DREAM Big!

MLM Success Tip – Keeping you Accountable

I am a leader in my Network Marketing company and teach others to be leaders as well. Being accountable is the most important part of a Home Based Business.

You do not have a “boss” or a time clock to chick in with. This means you need to do it yourself BUT that is hard. I know because I am struggling with it myself.

Yes, everyone has these struggles. So what I have decided to do is search for an accountability partner who will kick my butt when I need it, give me feedback and help me take my business to the next level.

Are you that person? You do not need to be in the same company online or offline BUT you need to be determined and hard working. YOU need to want it as much as I do and YOU need to be hard on me when I don’t get stuff done as I will be on you.

What do you think? Are we a good match? No money needed as this is not coaching – just time and dedication.

We will create a plan and execute it. My goals are too big to leave it to chance.

Email me: lindsay.hack@gmail and tell me why you think YOU are a good match.

MLM Success Tip – Please Stop the Spamming

MLM Success Tip – PLEASE stop the SPAMMING.

Please, we need to work together to help grow our Industry. Eric Worre says it the best ” Be Professional” We do not need to reputation of spammers. We need to learn and grow together.

I want to help you. If you think SPAMMING is the only way to build your business, I challenge you to read Magnetic Sponsoring and learn a better way http;//

Please let get out there and show everyone that we have an amazing industry.

Call me if you need me :)

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